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CP_WindFactory A2

A cp_gorge-style A/D map set in a facility that manufactures a natural resource.

"We have a problem, sir. We've run out of wind to power the turbines!"
"There's no choice, then. We need to make more."

Welcome to CP_WindFactory! A thing that was supposed to work, but couldn't, in a place that exists, that shouldn't.
This is your boy TwinMill's second map ever, the first one being Koth_Shrinkray (
Now, I've never done anything other than KOTH maps before, so you'll have to bear with me. This alpha is going to be rough.
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Attack/Defense CP
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  1. From Step One, to Step Two!

    "Sir, we've successfully manufactured more wind!" "At last, my military-grade wind chimes won't be so quiet anymore." Welcome to Alpha 2! I've done some work after the playtests, so here we are with the newest version, fixing some of the more...