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CP CP_WindFactory A2

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L2: Junior Member
Nov 2, 2017
CP_WindFactory - A cp_gorge-style A/D map set in a facility that manufactures a natural resource.

"We have a problem, sir. We've run out of wind to power the turbines!"
"There's no choice, then. We need to make more."

Welcome to CP_WindFactory! A thing that was supposed to work, but couldn't, in a place that exists, that shouldn't.
This is your boy TwinMill's second map ever, the first one being Koth_Shrinkray (
Now, I've never done anything other than KOTH maps before, so you'll have to bear with me. This alpha is going to be rough.


L2: Junior Member
Nov 2, 2017
"Sir, we've successfully manufactured more wind!"
"At last, my military-grade wind chimes won't be so quiet anymore."

Welcome to Alpha 2! I've done some work after the playtests, so here we are with the newest version, fixing some of the more blaring issues with its design:
• MAJOR optimization work. Maybe now it won't drop frames like crazy
• Extended blu's first spawn room trigger to include outside the train
• Added extra flank route outside of blu's spawn
• Raised the second door and added scaffolding
• Added oil tanker outside blu's spawn for more cover
• Cut down brutal sightlines outside blu's spawn
• Modified Blu's second spawn appearance because I had a good idea
• Added secretary desk
• Removed tanks in room past first, replaced with machinery(?)
• Closed off bottom floor of room outside last
• Added P I P E S
• Re-built last to offer more defense for Red
• Re-built Red spawn
• Changed the bridge to last up a bit
• Removed right stairs to point, made them lead to spawn
• Added overlook of point

WHOOSH! Screenshots comin' at ya!"

Okay, so there were two major issues with this map: the first being the area just outside Blu's spawn was WAY too easy to defend, and last was harder to defend. The first has been fixed (maybe?) by adding an extra flank route and more height advantage for Blu. Hopefully with the spawn door being changed it'll be less of a slaughter, and maybe now Blu can easier-ly get in a position to start wiping stuff out.
Last was difficult, and even now I don't think I've done it justice. One of the big problems it had was the fact that main looked straight into Red spawn, and that meant everytime you left spawn you were immediately in sniper fire. So I adjusted Red spawn's angle so now they come out of multiple areas. I cut down on some of the extra space and made it easier for Red to hold, but I'm a little concerned about how it will work. I mean, even if it does, there's still a lot of extra space I just have now idea what I'm going to do with....

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