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  1. MegapiemanPHD

    5gorge Event rc1

    *Skybox on red side needs to be fixed* You all wanted it so here it is. cp_gorge_event turned into cp_5gorge_event with a few texture changes to help tell each side apart. Credits: cp_gorge_event - Puxorb 5gorgeifying the map - MegapiemanPHD Blue manor props - KrazyZark
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    cow_gorge a1b

    Its gorge but in the cow gamemode where blu must shoot the behinds of cows to progress
  3. Aarmastah

    Gorge Lopez (cp_george) rc7

    Based on a server I found like in 2015 called "24/7 CP_GEORGE"
  4. SnickerPuffs

    September (Background Map) v1

    Much like my last background map, September was built off of the skeleton of another old map of mine. Unlike Rosanna, though, nearly all of the geometry is entirely different from the original map. I changed the name to reflect this, but why did I choose 'September'? Back when I first...
  5. Loose Noose

    Dustbowl Rework - Proposal

    Proposal Dustbowl is sorely outdated so it is high time we did something to bring it into the modern TF era. I have thousands of hours in TF2 but next to none in Hammer, so there is no way I could personally do a project this big in any reasonable time frame. The changes needed would be so...
  6. SunriseWatchWater

    Gorge Pro Pro

    A 2CP Attack/Defend Map with an alpine theme. Type Map Gorge Pro, you're are frontline that's this is with a gorge. Custom Assets: The Frontline! Pack Special Thanks: Original map made by Valve
  7. LaughableNineSeal44

    Gorge Fall A1

    - A Capture the Flag with a Summercamp theme This is Map Gorge Fall, I'm dead grass to you're have going then. Custom Assets: The Frontline! Pack sky_twilight_02 Fall Oak Trees by Void
  8. HelloThere

    mvm_gorge b2

    MORE!!!! Another Mannpower CTF map, adapted for both mannpower and non-mannpower mode. It works for giants, tanks, and all kinds of bots if popfiles are adapted correctly, however, the tank glitches through the ceiling in a tiny portion of its path, and giant robots larger than their regular...
  9. NTMonsty

    Box Elder A5

    Its spring. It's in the middle of March. There's a torrential downpour that just occured, and it just swept over Jeremiah's Gorge. Jeremiah id not appreciate this, as he just built two massive office buildings that had to close due to the downpour. He decided to sell the land, which was a modern...
  10. LFSoniccraft10

    Engispy A2

    yay koth map no images for a2 yet so a1 stuff for now
  11. TwinMill

    CP_WindFactory A2

    "We have a problem, sir. We've run out of wind to power the turbines!" "There's no choice, then. We need to make more." Welcome to CP_WindFactory! A thing that was supposed to work, but couldn't, in a place that exists, that shouldn't. This is your boy TwinMill's second map ever, the first one...
  12. FishyUberMuffin

    Koth Gorge A5

  13. DeathSpank

    Picture of Solider 2017-08-06

    My first picture (not good, but maybe not to bad)
  14. F4NGS

    canyoncross a1

    Started working on this map a few weeks ago with the idea of a koth map with a big death pit that divides the map vertically. The death pit has a couple of platforms so you can hop across to get the other side with some skilled jumps. I am liking how the map is coming along. though...
  15. TheGhostThatWas

    Team-Swapped Maps B3-B7

    Includes altered versions of: Upward Badwater Goldrush Gorge Gravel Pit Dustbowl Used content from TF2Maps: Rocket002 with blue materials by honeymustard BLU Imports of Red Products by Void Crossroads Custom Props by Jonah Red Cart Bomb by killohurtz Additional Letters by Mikroscopic Tank001...
  16. Dadema

    72hr Alpine base rc2a

    Map by: Dadema (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198194027323/) Map theory by: MyFriend (http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198296008596) Custom textures by: PXJesse (http://steamcommunity.com/id/pxjesse) Tools used: ABS resource pack Pakrat Hammer world editor(obviously) Paint.net
  17. SirUnknown

    Hydrophobe a7

    An industrial style CP map with the same format as Gorge Some screenshots