cp_metro A8a

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A5 has a bunch of things i wanted added that i didnt have time to do for A4 (had to get it puggable in time).

changes :

fix to BLU mid respawnroom which would not allow/kill players when they tried to change their class

fixed clippings on the stairs at mid

changed some elements on the right side entrance to last (from lobby) which should make it more favourable for defenders

general optimizations to the map (some buggy textures removed, nodraw to the bottom of the map)
Improved on the design of the trains, probably too much.

Several changes to mid, and last, and Small edits to second and its flanks.

Catwalk and entrance near choke removed, instead replaced with a connector on the lower level instead, allowing more maneuvering around mid.
Arches above trains raised higher to prevent scouts from jumping onto them, improved their detail and turned them into train signals
- Removed all benches from mid
- added ladders to the boxes at choke to improve scout ergonomics and adds an easy way to reach the trains from death's corner.

- Removed a fence which blocked a sightline near train room, as it was more hindering than useful. Allows soldiers to bomb easier from there.
- Cheese-esque room (I'm calling toxic) has had its entrance changed to face the spire to make it easier to spot offensive players trying to back cap from there.
- Shipping (room near conveyor belt) mezzanine floor was lowered, and the doorway facing mid moved in favor of it (originally it started at the bottom of the ramp)
- Train room brightened slightly, added a prop detail which makes a hiding spot more noticeable

- shack on the left (from spawn) removed as it added too many gameplay elements which were too far away from the point.
- ramps added to opposite sides of the point, hopefully which will allow attacking teams to more easily pressure either side of last
- brick columns added near main shutter to make main door more conspicuous
- added more props


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fixed a pixel walk on BLU mid roof
fixed Red spawn trigger sticking through the wall

removed some z fighting textures near a ramp in second
fixed a missing shutter on last

added player clippings to some doorways on the map

made the spire fence opaque to nerf scout a bit

raised the shack behind spire slightly to prevent support classes from jumping up
Big visual/gameplay update!

Many changes made to the map after some playtesting. Heres a list of most of the changes:

Overall changes

  • Many nerfs to sniper
    • Ramped train removed to reduce sightlines
    • Entrances to train room are now enclosed and require a sniper to commit more to shots
    • More cover around mid
    • Fences added around second to block sightlines
  • Tightened the focus around the map, hopefully will make demoman less stressful
  • Signs added around the map to improve navigation

  • Replaced previous choke with a large double door reminiscent of dust 2
    • Old position of choke replaced with a smaller flank (which I'm calling cargo)
  • added more high ground features
    • small shacks added to both sides of choke
    • Added awnings above entrances to forward and
  • Highground arches above trains made slightly higher
  • Removed the shack that stood on both mid's sides
  • forward spawn moved next to cargo
Train room:
  • Original entrance removed
  • Divided the room into two separate areas to make it easier to hold for both teams
  • ramp replaced with ramped train (as i removed it from mid :p)
  • Changed spire
    • Fence.
    • removed one side of the spire
    • added a shack on red, and a rock on blu side to allow scouts to jump up onto spire without the winger
  • Entrance to train room is now under a roof
  • Many visual improvements (please don't look at the black shadows behind the windows :( )
  • more props
added a shack onto the battlements

  • Not many changes, mostly quality of life updates
  • Removed fence from right side near the entrance
  • added a fence next to the elevator
  • made the fence smaller next to spawn (sensing a theme here)
  • Raised the brick wall near the point slightly to block a sniper angle from spawn
  • Some left side changes
    • raised the left side entrance and added a ramp
    • added a small shed with a health and ammo pack inside
    • Added some more boxes
    • removed box in front of elevator to make it slower for defenders to access it
  • Opened up the left side of lobby (from spawn)
  • removed shutter and replaced it with a smaller ramped entrance
  • Changed the dynamic of the right exit from lobby (similar to cheese from snakewater)
  • right side elevator prop expanded slightly, less effort to climb
  • added more props to right side of lobby
Added some new brushes and more detail to existing brushes

Created a raised platform in train room to prevent fall damage coming from the catwalk

Added barrels on BLU side of spire to prevent fall damage
fixed bugs
compiled wrong version of the map