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it's been like two years since i updated this map so, y'know, might as well update it now
-removed some doors
-got rid of areaportals
-put a barrier on last
-removed cover on battlements in mid
-fixed the download
-fixed spawns
-other minor junk (hence the title)
improved last point (hopefully) since it wasn't too great before
-raised the point up
-moved the healthkit/ammopack
-removed trains and gave spawns hydroshields to block snipers
-added a lil' flank that comes out of spawn
-other stuff to last

other than that only minor changes to everything else

-fixed HDR?
-completely redid mid and connectors
-added a new flank on mid
-new skybox + lighting
-proper lighting
-screenshots that have my hud in it because i'm tired as hell

and lots of other minor junk
-added balcony area in mid
-raised roofs and buildings in mid and other areas
-fixed clipping issues
-fixed leak
-added cover for attackers at last
-minor detail cus i was bored
-fixed those launchpad doors and their triggers
-upped middle cap time?