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  1. thysponge55

    cp_backwoods b3

    Welcome to cp_backwoods (yes, it's a pun) An early version of my fourth TF2 map. Contains: The classic, symetrical 5CP experience. Open middle, with breakable (and broken) windows. Flank routes, as well as main choke-points. Good sentry spots, heavy-holds, sniper lines and spy flanks...
  2. JakerBiker

    Lumber Town a6

    a 3 control point attack/defense map in the woods.
  3. Zoomspilo

    Lumber [FORGOTTEN]

    [FORGOTTEN] RED and BLU own two neighboring lumber mills, one industrial, the other a hand-done mill. This is my first map, probably not good, but I tried! It's currently in its first draft, with it's main feature being the two raised buildings next to the respective spawns, with one ramp up, a...
  4. ProfHappycat

    cp_fivefourths a5

    my 2nd map on tf2maps, cp_fivefourths! a symmetrical 3cp map made for the 72hrs TF2 jam (although i never entered it) if you're wondering where the name is from, it's from a gorillaz song called 5/4