Conifer rc2

2cp a/d yukon-themed map.

  1. Update to version a3

    • Reworked B point area again, along with red spawn.
    • Blocked jump up to the rock arch and roof of the security booth at A point (non-jumper classes can only access the area from BLU spawn side by going over the road on the rock arch).
    • Fixed rendering issues with water.
  2. Update to version a2

    • Moved B point to a different area (far side of the spillway, inbetween rock formations).
    • Moved red spawn to the building on the far side of the spillway.
    • Changed the stairway leading up to the catwalk at the buinding near A.
    • Redesigned the area between A and B.
    • Removed lower left path leading from BLU spawn to A.