Conifer rc2

2cp a/d yukon-themed map.

  1. Update to version rc2

    • Removed pretty much all Yeti Park references.
    • Fixed some minor bugs.
    • Added func_rotating to radar dish at B.
  2. Update to version rc1

    • Fixed all reported bugs from last version.
    • Fixed exterior soundscapes missing sound positions for bird noises.
  3. Update to version b9

    • Added an elevated rock platform between 2 entrances to B, accessible from hangar building balcony.
    • Added a rock divider between helipad and rock spire between entrances.
  4. Update to version b8

    • Stuff changed (I dont remember honestly what i changed lol).
  5. Update to version b7

    • Removed the dropdown in checkerboard shack on B.
    • Added a doorway from the interior of the checkerboard shack to the elevated platform next to it.
    • Added a window overlooking the point.
    • Added a medium healthkit on the BLU side of the hangar building.
    • Added a small healthkit to the interior of the large red building at A.
    • Opened up the other half of the hole over A so one can walk through the whole thing.
    • Added lamps to the interior of the construction shed.
  6. Update to version b6

    • Added an elevated platform at B.
    • Added a structure at B cutting sightlines across area.
    • Removed gantry crane over B.
    • Removed one-way door from tunnel exit at B.
    • Increased fade distance of tall windows in the hangar building.
  7. Update to version b5

    • Added a rock formation with high ground in A-B yard as a better anchor point for BLU.
    • Added a gantry crane with a container over B point to cut sightlines around the point.
    • Added an extra fence as cover for mine tunnel flank to B.
    • Added a one-way door to the tunnel exit.
  8. Update to version b4

    • Added a couple of light fixtures above doorways to make them more noticable.
    • Added several occluders to combat bad performance in certain areas.
    • Removed some cover from elevated flank on last.
    • Fixed several displacement problems.
    • Fixed several clipping issues.
  9. Update to version b3

    • "Fixed" item patch overlays rendering through waterfall shed wall.
    • Removed boxes from final point elevator.
    • Increased height of player clip ceiling over final area.
    • Added areaportals to the underground area of last.
    • Lowered the ground around the hangar building balcony, to get up to it from RED side you now need to use stairs at the back of it.
    • Added more shrubs.
    • Added forward spawnpoints in blu spawn that activate with A cap.
    • Made several observer points...
  10. Update to version b2

    • Redesigned tunnel flank to last.
    • Added sightline blocker to area in front of BLU spawn.
    • Blocked off direct route up to the road from BLU spawn.
    • Removed RED forward spawn.
    • Fixed solid cobweb in the building near A.
    • Set prop fades on a bunch of props.
    • Added lamps to shadowy area near BLU spawn.
    • (Hopefully) fixed A cap not adding time for BLU.
    • Fixed being able to get stuck in rocks between A and B.