Conifer rc2

2cp a/d yukon-themed map.

  1. Update to version b1

    • BETA!
    • Detailed remaining areas.
    • Added 3D skybox.
    • Tweaked env_light and fog settings.
    • Added soundscapes.
  2. Update to version a18

    • Fixed a displacement clipping through a wall near main A-B entrance you could get stuck in.
    • Removed one of the medkits near A.
    • Widened the wall opening over A.
    • Altered initial area to block sightlines.
    • Added a dropdown shortcut from initial area mine to the mine tunnel exiting next to the waterfall.
    • Added detail to RED forward spawn and small tower near A.
    • Altered RED forward spawn resupply cabinet to turn into a static 2fort cabinet model after A is lost instead...
  3. Update to version a17

    • Added areaportals around A point buildings.
    • Added a shortcut from the windowed tower building near A with the exit near the waterfall.
    • Added a flank around B point chokes, entrance from the waterfall stair shack, exit near checkerboard shack over B.
    • Fixed some clipping issues.
    • Removed a few boxes from B point platform.
    • Fixed being able to shoot through setup doors.
  4. Update to version a16

    • Removed B point
    • Entirely new A-B connector
    • Added a 2nd doorway to the basement route leading under A.
    • Removed Road tunnel route to B (former C) point.
    • Made it so RED respawns instantly for a few seconds after A is capped.
  5. Update to version a14

    • Rebuilt part of A-B connector.
    • Added a fence on A to block a sightline.
    • Removed fence from the courtyard between A-B connector building and B building.
    • Added an open boxcar sitting right on top of the reailroad crossing
    • Removed flipped dumptruck cover from side entrance to B.
    • Added an elevated area next to C pit.
    • Fixed one of sniper windows at A being obstructed by model collisions.
    • Fixed being able to climb on top of rocks in the area next to B with...
  6. Update to version a13

    • Added a bridge connecting the to the dropdown doorway in red building before A.
    • Moved the locked door to the other doorway of the tower near A, added 2 sniper windows to it.
    • Added a hole in the wall leading directly onto A from inside of red building.
    • Added a bridge to the suspended bit of red building.
    • Moved the construction shed.
    • Rebuilt A>B connector.
    • Redesigned B building slightly.
    • Added a room connecting the interior of B building to the road tunnel.
  7. Update to version a12

    • Expanded B building.
    • Fixed several sightline issues around A point.
    • Added nobuild to large animal container in C undergroud bit.
    • Removed crate from vent above B.
    • Fixed B point not adding time for BLU.
    • Tweaked respawntimes for both teams for all points.
  8. Update to version a11

    • Fixed BLU forward spawn not activating properly after B point is captured.
    • Replaced overlay roads with displacements.
    • Added an out of bounds area in place of the orange dev block.
    • Cut down on health pickups near A.
    • Added a create to the vent (which I only now noticed that it forces you to crouch to get into the vent, GG me).
    • Extended the pit under C, added lights to it.
    • Added fog change trigger to the underground area of C.

    This is nearing the point where...
  9. Update to version a10

    • Reworked B point (yet again).
    • Fixed missing content from version alpha 9.
  10. Update to version a9

    -Reworked initial area, moved BLU spawn from mine to a new building.
    -Added stairs to dropdown leading to underside of A point.
    -Reworked B point.