Conifer rc2

2cp a/d yukon-themed map.

  1. Update to version a8

    • Added more cover and an additional acces route to gas station roof.
    • Improved clipping in various spots
    • Redesigned dropdown route under A
    • Added one-way door to window building above A.
  2. Update to version a7

    • Reworked B point a bit, allowed access to gas station roof.
    • Fixed some minor issues.
    • Red forward spawn is now disabled when A is captured.
  3. Update to version a6

    -Redesigned B point.
    -Moved blu forwardspawn closer to B.
    -Removed the gas station behind A and surrounding area from playspace.
  4. Update to version a5

    -Reworked C point topside area and RED final spawn.
    -Added a doorway to the interior of B point building, removed divider wall inside.
    -Removed 2nd BLU forward spawn.
    -BLU gets the gas station forward spawn after capping B.
  5. Update to version a4

    • Fixed a displacement hole between A and B
    • Widened the walkway above A
    • Blocked a sightline to RED forward spawn.
    • Fixed lighting in RED forward spawn.
  6. Update to version a3

    • Various bugfixes.
    • Changed the building route to C point area to a one-way dropdown.
    • Redesigned C point.
    • Sliding gate in the building near B now opens up again after B is capped.
  7. 3cp a/d conversion

    3cp a/d conversion
  8. Stage 2 alpha release

    -Finished bulding stage 2 layout.
  9. Update to version a5

    >Reworked lower path to B
    >Fixed some clipping issues.
  10. Update to version a4

    • Added upper route under the dam.
    • Redesigned interior of the building before B.
    • Blocked some sightlines between A and pre-B area.
    • Changed the area in front of BLU spawn.