Conifer rc2

2cp a/d yukon-themed map.

  1. Update to version a18

    • Fixed a displacement clipping through a wall near main A-B entrance you could get stuck in.
    • Removed one of the medkits near A.
    • Widened the wall opening over A.
    • Altered initial area to block sightlines.
    • Added a dropdown shortcut from initial area mine to the mine tunnel exiting next to the waterfall.
    • Added detail to RED forward spawn and small tower near A.
    • Altered RED forward spawn resupply cabinet to turn into a static 2fort cabinet model after A is lost instead of making the cabinet magically disappear.
    • Fixed displacement seam in A-B connector.
    • Added shelf blocking a sigthline through large red building near A.
    • Increased fade distance on areaportal under A.
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