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Carthage Beta 1

Get your warface on.

At 0330, a covert assault unit of BLU soldiers infiltrate a village residing along Fisher's Shore, known for its prized canned fish and other seaside goods.

Intel has revealed that hidden in this village, is an ammunition factory controlled by RED to support their war efforts. It is due to this that BLU sends its men to "liberate" the village from their evil RED captors.

This is an Attack/Defend CP map with 3 control points, being made for the Frontline! community project.
First release
Last update
Attack/Defense CP
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Latest updates

  1. Beta 1 Release

    Beta 1 - Detailed Capture Point C area a bit more - Changed the capture times from 12 on all to 14,12,10 - Changed map scoring to give a point for each captured control point - Changed lighting in some of the buildings to prevent classes...
  2. Alpha 4 Release

    - Renamed the map to Carthage - Fixed the spawn doors on BLU's second spawn clipping into the bunker - Fixed RED's spawn doors clipping into the doorframes - Fixed a couple of gaps in level geometry giving players a direct sightline into the...