Rust Valley

Rust Valley RC4

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First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine

More downloads from Fillmore

  • Saxford
    An English-themed map from someone who has heard of England
  • Substratum
    The end-result of digging straight down like a man.
  • Dockyard
    Mann Co. is about to receive one hell of a shipment.
  • Shiver Peak
    Shiver Peak
    Careful, it's cold.
  • MvM Tankdozer prefab
    MvM Tankdozer prefab
    Now you too, can do unreasonable things.

Latest updates

  1. Someone's left a floater

    Fixed a clipping issue at the front area Put a bit of detailing to a few places of the map Put in more effort to make bots leave the right-side spawn better
  2. a slow ass fix to a proper func_up

    Long story short, CompilePal failed to pack an asset and it took me this long to realize it wasn't a clientside error
  3. Bonus features on the back of the DVD

    Added a func_brush to stop snipers aiming at players through windows Added relays to allow mission makers to force gate capture Mission changes Rebalanced Requiem to be less harsh