Substratum Stage 2 -- Alpha 2

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Substratum Stage 2 -- Alpha 2

The end-result of digging straight down like a man.

Behold, a three-stage Payload map themed around an underground mining site, along the lines of mvm_underground!

Originally created for the Back to Basics contest until it got tested exactly once and I knew it was not good enough to be submitted to anything.
The stages are currently separated to make testing easier and they'll all come back together once (read: if) all stages reach that mythical "good enough" state.
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  1. 410,757,864,530 DEAD IMPS

    Welcome to Stage 2! That's it. Decided to try something a bit different with the layout, we'll see if this works out at all.
  2. Doug Walker begins moonlighting as a level reviewer

    Stage 1 Alpha 7 -- Doug Walker begins moonlighting as a level reviewer Welp, this probably should do for a last run before I can finally say stage one is okay and go prepare (read: horribly mangle) the second stage for you lot. Or this attempt...
  3. At some point I skipped an entire version

    And that's because of the following also hello, I'm going to give this another go and see if it still goes nowhere Adjusted geometry at second checkpoint Adjusted respawn wavetimes for both teams And yet I probably will just revert it if this...