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Dockyard RC7navfix

Mann Co. is about to receive one hell of a shipment.

  1. Fillmore
    One of the numerous entrants to the Mappers vs Machines contest, Dockyard features a couple of things:
    • A lot of containers!
    • A single gate!
    • Tanks that can capture said gate! (They even move up with the Robots, wow)
    • A grinder! (not as impressive)


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Recent Reviews

  1. g00dDog
    Version: RC7navfix
    The previous versions have worked very well, though some interesting elements were eliminated, it plays pretty well until the last wave, where it gets a bit overwhelmed with fast bots in too great numbers- a fault by many map creators, but it works with an attentive team. It's fun, well made with managable sized areas and rooms, but just a few too many obstacles close to the control point for the number of bots.
    It's been a server favorite for several versions. We have yet to test this fully, but so far, previos versions have functioned very well. I expect some points I expressed will be improved, so I'll update this after we complete THIS version. Trust me.