Dockyard RC7navfix

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Dockyard RC7navfix

Mann Co. is about to receive one hell of a shipment.

One of the numerous entrants to the Mappers vs Machines contest, Dockyard features a couple of things:
  • A lot of containers!
  • A single gate!
  • Tanks that can capture said gate! (They even move up with the Robots, wow)
  • A grinder! (not as impressive)
First release
Last update
Mann Vs. Machine
4.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. A stack of barrels bests the pesky buster

    Updated .nav file to fix a case where Sentry Busters suicide on spawn
  2. Even more QoL

    Adjusted geometry at the front and back areas of the map Adjusted geometry at gate area to make the its side spawn support Giant Robots Re-routed the bomb to go around the left side of the platform at the front Added relays to let mission makers...
  3. Wow it's barely anything

    Adjusted the angles on an observer point to stop the console being flooded by a ton of error messages

Latest reviews

The previous versions have worked very well, though some interesting elements were eliminated, it plays pretty well until the last wave, where it gets a bit overwhelmed with fast bots in too great numbers- a fault by many map creators, but it works with an attentive team. It's fun, well made with managable sized areas and rooms, but just a few too many obstacles close to the control point for the number of bots.
It's been a server favorite for several versions. We have yet to test this fully, but so far, previos versions have functioned very well. I expect some points I expressed will be improved, so I'll update this after we complete THIS version. Trust me.