Cart Crawlers a6

A twinstick TF2 themed rougelite

  1. The Big Campaign / Map Editor Update



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  2. The Polish Update

    Cartcrawlers 0.4 is up, this version doesn't have many new features but fixes issues with many of the old ones.

    - The engie boss fight has been improved, he now has voicelines and a unique attack
    - MUSIC, is now on by default, I also added some tracks
    - Implemented a new font. And extended the text label system.
    - Fixed most of the major bugs and greatly polished the inventory.
    - Weapon mods have new sprites and look like robo parts (kinda)
    - nerfed bison
    - unless set otherwise, the...
  3. Difficulty Hike

    Cart Infinite Points expolit has been fixed
    Pause menu now centers itself
    2 Newenemies, may or maynot be OP
    Rocks now spriteswap to match the zone theyare in
    Nerfed Bison a little
    Buffed damage of enemy attacks somewhat
    More enemies spawn when you loop
    Rocketlauncher reload speed fixed adjusted
    spawns for some weapons and mods
    Sir Nuke's deflector bullets work again
    Along with other minor changes.
  4. Bugfix Update

    Cartcrawlers 0.3.1 is out
    This is a bugfix update for 0.3 to fix many of gamebreaking issues


    You now drop your held weapon when you pickup a new one if you already have 2 weapons

    Cacti are less invulnerable.

    Weapon Mod Items no longer block your shots

    Starting a new round no-longer leaves you without ammo

    Flamethrower ammo is now obtainable

    Collecting ammo with a melee weapon now grants some of every kind of ammo (instead of nothing and "splashTest")

    Max ammo pools have...

    UPDATE 0.3

    Note: While this update has many new features its still very buggy so be warned.

    To report bugs, request features, compare scores and such check out the dedicated discord channel.

    The previous version on this site was 0.1, 0.2 existed but I kept , so the change-log below will be from 0.1 to 0.3.

    - Solder, Pyro, and Demo are now fully playable.
    - Many new weapons added. Including the blackbox, bison, candycane, winger, and more.
    - 5 new...