Cargoship (MvM) V2A4

Protect a Mann Co. shipping vessel from Gray Mann's robots!

  1. Version 2 Alpha 4: Approximately Christmas

    Da Spud Lord
    Version 2 Alpha 4: Approximately Christmas (12/26/2019)
    Merry Christmas! Here's your present! An update to nobody's favorite map! Yea, it's kinda crappy. And small. And also late. But it's all you're getting, so you better appreciate it.

    Map Changes:
    -Modified the method by which the gate alarm functions to repeatedly test for a gatebots' presence near the gate after every alarm loop (should fix bugs where the gate alarm continues to play even when no gatebots are at the gate)
    -Fixed the...
  2. Version 2 Alpha 3: The Logical Update

    Da Spud Lord
    Over half a year later, I return yet again... This time, I hopefully won't get distracted by some TF2Maps contest or event. Anyway, this version changes up the layout of the interior of the Red boat to make it more interesting and (hopefully) better fit how I want that part to play out. I think I've fixed some of the issues that were prevalent previously, at the cost of making it more open and sightliney. Even still, some areas may still feel cramped, so I'm not entirely satisfied...
  3. Version 2 Alpha 2

    Da Spud Lord
    Version 2 Alpha 2

    Map Changes:
    -Bomb resets after 40 continuous seconds of not being carried by a robot
    -The robot pyroshark's neon annihilator now better attaches to its hands (uses prop_dynamic_ornament instead of prop_dynamic with SetParentAttachment)
    -Raised the ceilings on both floors inside the cargoship mid building
    -Adjusted the staircases from the ground to the second floor around the dropdown from the second floor within the cargoship mid building
    -Adjusted the staircases within...
  4. Version 2 Alpha 1a

    Da Spud Lord
    • Increased the length of some of the waves in Starboard Strike by adding more robots
    • Increased cash payout for some of the waves in Starboard Strike
    • Fixed/changed some robots that weren't working/behaving in the intended manner
    • Reduced the health of both bosses in Starboard Strike
    • Fixed robots sometimes being unable to spawn at the forward miniboat spawnpoint
    Starboard Strike.png
    List of robots from the intermediate (and...
  5. Version 2 Alpha 1: New Beginnings

    Da Spud Lord
    Version 2 Alpha 1: New Beginnings
    We're back! After a couple years, I decided to finally return to this map and improve it in all the ways I originally should have. I've become a much better mapper since the last version (I hope), and so we're starting over with a brand-spanking-new map, new missions, and new gimmicks, all rebuilt from scratch (and with 95% less edgelordiness)! And this time, I'm not using to make my popfiles! Yay! Here's hoping this goes better than the first...
  6. Beta 1b

    Da Spud Lord
    It's fuckin A1 all over again... It's as if this map is cursed...
    -Included the navmesh
  7. Beta 1a

    Da Spud Lord
    -Fixed sentry busters not being able to plot a course to sentries on the cargo crate in the middle
  8. Beta 1: The Tiring Update

    Da Spud Lord
    I still have a few things on my to-do list for beta, such as the 3D skybox, but I've been spending too long on this and I need to get it out. Oh, and here's what I learned from my first detailed map: Detailing is hard... I think I spent more time detailing the bomb hatch room than I did detailing the entire rest of the map, and it shows... A lot... The bomb hatch room is probably the only thing that could be considered detailing, everything else is mostly just retexturing and lighting...
  9. Alpha 6

    Da Spud Lord
    A quick update containing the redone cargo crate area. Felt like a "box with stuff" while making it, hopefully that's not the case. And I kinda rushed this one, so some of the problems identified last time weren't fixed.
    -Completely redid the cargo crate area
    -Added a balcony to the area just outside of the bomb hatch area, with a ramp in the bomb hatch area leading up to it
    -Added a small vent area off to the side of the upper bomb routes near the hatch
  10. Alpha 5

    Da Spud Lord
    Alpha 5
    The biggest changes are probably to the popfile, but I haven't been documenting those. I probably should... Oh, and the birthday hat easter egg is gone. It was just a one-time thing. Sorry.
    -Removed the birthday hat easter egg
    -Made a slight adjustment to two of the sniper spots that were overlapping a railing
    -Changed the bomb path picker from PickRandom to PickRandomShuffle, so now all bomb paths must be played before a path is played twice
    -Clipped off the sides of the boat