Cardinal rc1a

A 5cp map in a European village, focused on height and unique routage.

  1. Small bug fixes

    - fixed fence clipping issue and a handful of other bugs in preparation for the Meet Your Map competition
  2. Release Candidate 1

    - fixed invis props on 2nd
    - fixed nodraw holes
    - added shutter door to fountain-side of mid-second connectors
    - made second cap slower
    - replaced octagon on mid with fountain
    - replaced fountain in second with crate stack
    - opened passage through shed kind of like granary's Z
    - added new barriers to block sightline on second
    - added wooden boards to scaffolding on archway into second to let soldiers do wall jumps easily
    - repositioned lamppost on second
    - put boards over shutters under...
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  3. Updates, updates, updates

    • Connected café/fishery/house with arch, will result in less wrapping and hopefully a general feeling of a smaller area

    • Added pill to second balcony from fishery to support soldiers bombing and scout boston basher movement

    • Shifted health around the arch area due to new path

    • Fiddled with clipping around arch

    • Generally started de-cluttering the map as a whole

    • Removed lip clipping on various tiny fences

    • Made lampposts on arch nonsolid, roamers beware

    • Removed clutter ledge...
  4. beta 2 - 3D SKYBOX and others

    - Added full 3dsky (still a couple things to edit/polish up but it's there!)
    - Lit map as a whole better
    - Clipped various problem spots

    Generally, this update is heavily visual, for players and casters alike. Gameplay changes will come after the New Map Cup and various tests for beta 3.

    Screenshots can be found in the OP.
  5. Beta 1a: Fixes

    • Fixed $envmaptint console spam, it was incorrectly formatted model textures within the Frontline pack.
    • Removed paint can
    • Quickly lit various incredibly dark gameplay spaces: still needs tweaking, but much easier to fight around
    • Fixed clipping and blockbulleting on fountains
  6. Beta 1

    • Expanded curve route from mid to second
    • Removed glass pane on said route
    • Added shutter door to side flank into last
    • Moved last point forward a tad and added small bridge around hut side
    • Honestly can't remember everything that changed - there was a ton of little things

    The lighting isn't finished whatsoever and there's a lot of rough edges. Be patient with me. It'll all get fleshed out in beta 2; I just really wanted to push a version of this out with detailing to get gameplay testing.
  7. The Preparation, The Refining

    • Added small ledge to jump up in 2nd yard
    • Made high ground on mid smaller so as to make it easier to spam and contest
    • Added bit to the open-choke from mid to second to prevent incredibly large explosive jump plays and to segment bombers to individual point zones rather than spanning the choke
    • Removed dropdown entirely
    • Added small staircase room to the right (attacker's perspective) of where dropdown was, this way retreaters can go back up into lobby
    • Reduced overall size of lobby,...
  8. Alpha 2: Lots Of Fixes


    Changes slated for a3:
    • Changing forward spawn on 2nd to not be immediately under dropdown (thanks Citric)
    • Various larger layout edits based off of higher-level testing

    Changes released in a2:
    • reduced size of sun to prevent blinding (thanks Zoma, Benroads, Gaz)
    • made small jutting building next to second more obvious that it can't be jumped on (thanks Camper)
    • Clipped left side (def. persp.) of last's barbed wire better (thanks Benroads)
    • Blockbulleted...