canyonplant a4

Two rival factories based in a badlands canyon.

  1. Alpha 4 Update


    Rerouted flank to go underneath point
    Removed Hallway to Full Healthkit building
    Made side hallway in factory larger and more optimized
  2. Alpha 3 Update


    BLU spawn room works correctly
    Made large area with large ammopack smaller
    Added columns in place of turbine props
    Changed the cap from an enclosed shed to a raised platform
    Cap and respawn times are now shorter
  3. Alpha 2 update

    Got rid of:
    Back door exit from spawn
    Spire with large ammo pack
    Turbine props
    Path from spawn to enemy's side of the point
    Walls in the point building

    New exit from spawn
    Shorter cap and respawn times
    Ramp up to second level in full healthkit building

    Rerouted path behind enemy lines to go beneath the ramp