Multi Stage Cannonburg b2

A humble European "town" and a not-so-humble tank

  1. Alpha 6 Stage 2

    • Disconnected flank hallway at last, BLU has to actually take a risk to flank
    • Removed a flank room
    • Added connector from stair prop to balcony near demolished building
    • Added various crates to block sightlines
    • Added windowed walls around mid to block sightlines
    • Added shutter door at the end of mid to block sightlines
    • Added shutter door near conveyor to block sightlines
    • Slowed down conveyor to a crawl, you really need to be dumb to die now
    • Added crates near RED...
  2. Alpha 5 Stage 2

    • Demolished some walls
    • Demolished an entire building's wall
    • Changed cart path around cannonwall, goes around crates that block sightlines
    • Blocked sightlines in various locations
    • Added wall to angled floor near RED first door
    • Added staircase to sniper nest
    • Expanded hallways into rooms
    • Added window to hallway near demolished building
    • Added rollback zone before first cap, and last cap.
    • Moved first cap to after slope.
    • Added temporary overlays to visualizers...
  3. Alpha 4 Stage 2

    • Removed underground flank at last
    • Added side flank at last with multiple routes to and from flank
    • Smoothed out geometry in several locations
    • Widened up a lot of areas, removed certain walls
    • Removed baby bridge in mid
    • Several quality of life changes
    • Bug fixes
    • No hamburgers
    • Moved first capture point
  4. Alpha 3 Stage 2

    • Completely changed last area
    • Added BLU forward spawn
    • Changed health and ammo sizes and locations
    • Easier to get full health kit on jape conveyor
    • Added placeholder company overlays to help get a sense of location
    • Moved first point to above first slope
    • Added spectator cameras
    • Ramps near cannonwall are less cramped
    • Minor detailing
    • Tank still weird when standing on top of
    • Tank still does not shoot hamburgers.
  5. Alpha 2 Stage 2

    • Added sightline avoidance route near first point
    • Added shutter door to block sightline after first point
    • Moved exit of rightmost red spawn to be a dropdown near the final point
    • Disconnected leftmost red spawn from lobby
    • Moved healthkit at first point to be on the highground, turned into a medium healthkit
    • Slowed down jape conveyor, moved back full healthkit
    • Fixed rollback and rollforward zones
    • Added rollforward zone to the choke slope after first point.
    • Tank...
  6. Stage 2 introduced, removed stage 1

    (stage one available in attached files)
  7. fixed

  8. a5 fixed

    fixed errors
  9. last overhaul

    completely changed the feel of last, added major detail to last, removed side route to last as no one really used it. 2nd stage will be next.
  10. alpha 4 FIXED

    truly fixed, 100%