Multi Stage Cannonburg s3_a3

A humble European town and a not-so-humble tank

  1. stage 3 alpha 3

    testing testing gotta be quick tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. alpha 2 stage 3

  3. stage 3

    stage 3 testing
  4. Stage 2 Alpha 8

    • Added balcony area at last
    • Boost pad in back area to balcony
    • Replaced dumb boxes to flank with coal pile
    • Blocked off route in first area
    • Added a wall in mid
    • Added a tank near RED spawn
    • Tidying up
  5. Alpha 7 Stage 2

    • Expanded last
    • Slightly modified routes around last
    • Added flank to last(?)
    • Underground flank is now one-way
    • Moved CP 1 above second slope
    • Modified RED spawn
    • Reverted cannonwall area
    • Minor stuff
  6. Alpha 6 Stage 2

    • Disconnected flank hallway at last, BLU has to actually take a risk to flank
    • Removed a flank room
    • Added connector from stair prop to balcony near demolished building
    • Added various crates to block sightlines
    • Added windowed walls around mid to block sightlines
    • Added shutter door at the end of mid to block sightlines
    • Added shutter door near conveyor to block sightlines
    • Slowed down conveyor to a crawl, you really need to be dumb to die now
    • Added crates near RED...
  7. Alpha 5 Stage 2

    • Demolished some walls
    • Demolished an entire building's wall
    • Changed cart path around cannonwall, goes around crates that block sightlines
    • Blocked sightlines in various locations
    • Added wall to angled floor near RED first door
    • Added staircase to sniper nest
    • Expanded hallways into rooms
    • Added window to hallway near demolished building
    • Added rollback zone before first cap, and last cap.
    • Moved first cap to after slope.
    • Added temporary overlays to visualizers...
  8. Alpha 4 Stage 2

    • Removed underground flank at last
    • Added side flank at last with multiple routes to and from flank
    • Smoothed out geometry in several locations
    • Widened up a lot of areas, removed certain walls
    • Removed baby bridge in mid
    • Several quality of life changes
    • Bug fixes
    • No hamburgers
    • Moved first capture point
  9. Alpha 3 Stage 2

    • Completely changed last area
    • Added BLU forward spawn
    • Changed health and ammo sizes and locations
    • Easier to get full health kit on jape conveyor
    • Added placeholder company overlays to help get a sense of location
    • Moved first point to above first slope
    • Added spectator cameras
    • Ramps near cannonwall are less cramped
    • Minor detailing
    • Tank still weird when standing on top of
    • Tank still does not shoot hamburgers.
  10. Alpha 2 Stage 2

    • Added sightline avoidance route near first point
    • Added shutter door to block sightline after first point
    • Moved exit of rightmost red spawn to be a dropdown near the final point
    • Disconnected leftmost red spawn from lobby
    • Moved healthkit at first point to be on the highground, turned into a medium healthkit
    • Slowed down jape conveyor, moved back full healthkit
    • Fixed rollback and rollforward zones
    • Added rollforward zone to the choke slope after first point.
    • Tank...