Campania A12

Not koth_bananabay

  1. Cleaner Meaner and a Little Bit Greener

    After A11 and a week away A12 is now symmetrical! (mostly)
    Also cleaned up the control point (less pillars to get caught on)
    Added a bunch of tiny palm trees (find them all!)
    Pulled the Ocean in to give snipersubs less room to hide in
    Cleaned up the shape of spawn (outdoors) to help rollouts
    Fixed a bug where the blue train passed through doors


    1. koth_campania_a120001.jpg
    2. koth_campania_a120010.jpg
    3. koth_campania_a120004.jpg
    4. koth_campania_a120007.jpg
    5. koth_campania_a120002.jpg
    6. koth_campania_a120003.jpg
    7. koth_campania_a120000.jpg
  2. Totally Assymetrical

    Maybe I should take this map more seriously

    - removed joke
    + added silly

    In this update I'm trying to:
    direct the fight to the point
    keep sniper fun to play & play against
    keep a bit of the deathmatch feel
    reward teamwork
  3. April Fools

    it was a joke map all along
  4. DownUnder2

    reverted to a7_invert
    added signs
    expanded capture area
    opened up space out of spawn
  5. whacky experimental update

    blue train is longer and less frequent
    changed spawntimes
    closed up lower route
    replaced ocean with deathpit
    removed crates by mid
    added some tiny buildings near mid
    added more stairs towards mid
  6. oh boy imps are happening again

  7. -removed joke

    It's the right way up now, I promise.

    +Added Train Doors
    +Added Some Nasty Sightlines
    +Added Detailing
    +Added New Stairs


    1. koth_campania_a80000.jpg
  8. Down Under Edition

    made map more Australian
  9. Late as Expected

    delayed trains (and updates) to be less frequent
    reshuffled health and ammo
    clipped some spots better
    some other stuff i forgot to write down
  10. Nanaba Beashes

    blocked sightlines (at the expense of fun jumps & added a massive chokepoint)
    snipers now drown rapidly when they touch water deeper than 64 hu
    changed skybox back to day
    reduced train speed by 25%
    fixed doors (again)
    added another spawn exit on the top floor for each time
    tweaked some railings
    randomly shuffled health and ammo placement
    confronted (ignored) doubts about having a layout that is really just a straight line full of fun jumps with some water on the side
    considered ripping off...