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Campania A12

Not koth_bananabay

pl_campania_a8's bridge but koth

Similarities with plr_banana_bay are unintentional but p cool
First release
Last update
King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Cleaner Meaner and a Little Bit Greener

    After A11 and a week away A12 is now symmetrical! (mostly) Also cleaned up the control point (less pillars to get caught on) Added a bunch of tiny palm trees (find them all!) Pulled the Ocean in to give snipersubs less room to hide in Cleaned up...
  2. Totally Assymetrical

    Maybe I should take this map more seriously changes: - removed joke + added silly In this update I'm trying to: direct the fight to the point keep sniper fun to play & play against keep a bit of the deathmatch feel reward teamwork
  3. April Fools

    it was a joke map all along surprise!