Campania A12

Not koth_bananabay

  1. Cleaner Meaner and a Little Bit Greener

    After A11 and a week away A12 is now symmetrical! (mostly)
    Also cleaned up the control point (less pillars to get caught on)
    Added a bunch of tiny palm trees (find them all!)
    Pulled the Ocean in to give snipersubs less room to hide in
    Cleaned up the shape of spawn (outdoors) to help rollouts
    Fixed a bug where the blue train passed through doors


    1. koth_campania_a120001.jpg
    2. koth_campania_a120010.jpg
    3. koth_campania_a120004.jpg
    4. koth_campania_a120007.jpg
    5. koth_campania_a120002.jpg
    6. koth_campania_a120003.jpg
    7. koth_campania_a120000.jpg
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