mercenary park

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  1. MilkMaster72

    Skirmish Final6b

    A new competitor has entered the ring, and this time he's bigger, stronger, and has a lot less fur... Return to Yeti Mercenary Park to fight Saxton Hale and put on a good show! This map requires no plugins, as everything is packed into the map file. Credits: VSH: Versus Saxton Hale Gamemode -...
  2. The Supreme Meme Lord™

    No RKOing Alligators sign 1.0

    You tired of those pesky mercenaries coming in and performing advanced wrestling moves on your poor alligators? Well fear not, since this sign and this sign alone will singlehandedly bring alligator death rates down by 90%! Based off of, but still built from scratch, a Mercenary Park sign...
  3. Wendy

    mercenary park saxton hale cutout 2022-08-25

    saxton hale cutout seen in the jungle inferno trailer
  4. Wendy

    dm_villa 2022-08-08

    you fight on one of the other islands in the the numerous in the yeti park... park the layout is an adaptation of "villa" from the roblox game "arsenal" with permission from the original creators
  5. Pinewabble

    Mercenary park speedboat without the sharkbite V1

    Mercenary park Speedboat model without the shark bite/croc bite hole (comes with alt skin without the merc-park logo!)
  6. Ismaciodismorphus

    No Merc park logos pack 6/25/2022

    A collection of models from mercenary park that have had their logo's removed to make them more generalized props for use in other maps.
  7. D0om

    Caldera rc3

    Made in collaboration with @Emil_Rusboi 5CP attack/defense map inspired by steel with the final point inside a volcano. Why would anyone build a base inside an active volcano? Don't know. CREDITS: - @scrly for brushwork scrlyguns visible at A - @Niro for continued feedback on clipping - @Kube...
  8. *Turns into crocodile*

    Paddock a1

  9. Yelta + 옐다

    arena_megacorp_plaza 1.0

    A teeny tiny map. All info on the images is heavily exaggurated, it really isn't that good. But it's alright. And not as boring as empty 1v1 maps. If I did 1v1s, I'd do it on this map. Because it's mine, to be fair, not because it's the best one, but it is good.
  10. Startacker!

    [Guardian] Mercenary Park Final

    Mercenary Park ported to the Guardian gamemode. Mission hopefully balanced around two players.
  11. Spleep

    Mercenary Park Forklift Without Logo V1

    It's kinda self explanatory really. Model file is "fork_lift2". Have fun.
  12. Tick Magnet

    What we can learn from Mercenary Park.

    I'm currently looking at official maps in TF2 to learn about game play flow and design. I've decided to start out with Mercenary Park, because in my group of friends it is considered one of the worst maps to be added to the game, (up there with Dustbowl and Turbine.) The map swings heavily in...
  13. Dadema

    Inferno A2

    Yep, this is the same map as pl_moonday, I know... I'm not really motivated to make another map in the moon style. So this is pl_second (with a few changes) in the mercenary park style. Original map: pl_second by @Muddy
  14. Necrσ

    Mercenary Park Prop Library V1

    Contains all the props found in the valve new map, Mercenary Park, organised into a simple library for your viewing pleasure