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C_Infiltration A2

Infiltrate the BLU base in a single player match, death is failure, and it's 54 to 1.

-The first in my series of Campaign maps in TF2.
-Designed as a one player, or potentially a cooperative, experience. With many environmental kills put in to find and use.
-Map has four different outcomes depending upon how the objectives are followed.
-Comes with vmf for dissection and constructive criticism at a programming level.

This map is still in alpha, though it is leaps and bounds ahead of its earlier version, it features some bugs to watch out for, including:
-Bots immediately coming back at their spawn point, on RED team.
-Since the last part of the map requires the player to stand on a func_tracktrain, TF2 may clip them into it, or fling them out, clips around the train have been made to try to remedy this, it's advised to stay away from the back.
-If the detonator is used at the very end of the map, the game may kill the player at random, I have been working hard to isolate what's causing this, it may be an oversight in a large trigger_hurt that's meant to clear out all BLU bots before the round resets.
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