C_Cold_Days B1

Fight your way into a BLU production center, shoot out in the warehouse, and blow up the whole thing

  1. That Guy On The Left
    This project has been stagnating for a while as a sequel to C_Infiltration, (Hell it took me the longest time to get enemy placement in motion) and features a less dynamic spiral path through a snowed-in BLU base, RED is the team you play on, and offensive classes are recommended, specifically Soldier and Pyro. The semi-linear path will lead you through several buildings and into a large construction yard, where you'll have to fight your way up a huge piece of scaffolding, and directly into the production center. You'll come up to the warehouse and will have to fight through the BLUs as the doors begin to open for you one by one, before making your escape on the teleporter.

    there was a much more ambitious plan for the warehouse shoot-out, where the huge platform would carry a payload cart that you'd have to push, sadly nothing worked, not even a basic trigger_multiple, func_tracktrain combo, and it was eventually whittled down to a basic timed door system.

    I implore you all to tell me of ANY criticisms you have or any glitches you come across, can only improve with knowledge, and I am a forgetful soul.

    Known issues:
    -The bloom scale seems to have gone off the scale, and for the life of me I still don't know why, I've included the VMF if anyone's willing to take a crack at it.
    -I greatly struggle at map optimization, I attempted to follow tips for skybox optimization in the valve developer software wiki, and it resulted in a leak, maybe I'm just thick.
    -Generated Pyros may randomly reflect damn-near any and all projectiles coming for them, no idea about a fix.
    -The final explosion is particularly underwhelming, but I have yet to have any experience with modeling, so this will have to do.
    -The first message simply won't display for some reason.

    ---Future Map Notes---

    Currently there are three other maps further along in development, C_Great_Chase that features a race against a train, using three gates to slow it down via closing them on the large machine (using night of the living bread as a background song and as a time reference), current issues are the physbox's for the first gate (only gate in development) where even on a particularly advanced computer the objects will seize up TF2, even while the majority of them break. Essentially it's a single story square house, one wall on either side will remain mostly intact while the rest of the building crumbles.

    Any tips for refinement are appreciated.

    Another in development is C_The_Spy, where one would have to roam around a RED base to try to find a spy, this would use several dynamic props and sounds to convey a path that the Spy is taking, giving the player a semi-generous time limit.

    C_High_Point is a defensive mission where one would play a single sniper perched up on a mine_head model given collision through nodraw, needing to shoot out the bots trying to make it to the control point behind the model, occasionally needing to shoot out other snipers.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxAeFF_NBAI


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