custom game mode

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  1. sasch

    Tilt B1

    On the surface a simple map that, with enough knowledge of the custom game mode, opens up multiple routes to players and exposes certain points which can be utilized for speedrunning.
  2. Squaggies

    Heatstroke a1

    An attempt at porting Splatoon's Rainmaker Gamemode to TF2. Featuring a lot of jank! ps dont force drop the flag, its jank, you'll get left with all the downsides of holding the flag and no crits
  3. SuperLuxDeluxe

    Soul Pit a1b

    For the Unofficial Spookfest 2022 contest! ----- I'll write lore here when I'm not tired lol ----- Each robot type in standard robot destruction is more or less the same, just with different hit points and cores dropped on kill. I hope to make it more interesting with this map! The A robots...
  4. Squaggies

    Balloon Race Prefab v1

    How this prefab is played: Race to capture the control points, a balloon will need to be stationed at a control point in order to capture the control points. If both teams have a score of 2 capture points when all 4 control points are captured, a race to the finish will commence and whoever's...
  5. DogeisCut

    Engineer Town A2

    Another map of a custom game mode where you must destroy the other team's mega sentries. This time the map is much more fleshed out for the game mode!
  6. RmxMi

    WIP_a1 2020-06-01

    This map's in its EARLY stages only one team has a spawn and the blue cart is what the red team must damage it's a damageable prop and you can damage it as a blue don't really know how to fix that but the red team will have a red cart blu will have to kill and when you kill a team's cart the...
  7. TFTingle

    Nukehouse A1

    A map using a game type I am calling VIP. A single neutral flag is in the center of the map. The person carrying the flag is the VIP. When they score a kill (multikills that happen from the same instance of damage only count as one) they earn a point for their team. First team to reach the score...
  8. Iggy

    Defend_The_Flag_Bank 2018-12-27

    *NOTE: This map is still a work in progress. It can function normally without any major issues, it mostly needs a better game hud as well as some extra details.* An experimental map that is essentially a 1 way CTF map, where one team focuses entirely on defending a flag while the other is...
  9. MilkMaster

    Roadblock 2018-04-14

    Roadblock, my first (and most likely my only) good map for the Connect 5 Contest! I have learned a lot since my last post, always pack your map, apparently a lot of you people don't like purple and black checker boards but you do like games like Connect 5 so I decided to make a new map for this...
  10. I Darkstar X

    One-Map Multi-Point KOTH

    On a scale of one to ten with ten being hardest, how easy would it be to make a map with five KOTH points that activate one by one when the previous is timed down. The team who captures the most of the five wins.
  11. D

    Airdrop CTF Custom Gamemode

    I was wondering if I could get some early criticisms with regards to balance or map design decisions for this mode I am working on. The way it works is a neutral flag is dropped from a helicopter (or some other airborne vehicle) and it must be held for 15 seconds to be capped. The flag cannot be...
  12. Flipy

    gd_rodense A6

    Rodense uses a new 'generator defense' mode where teams have to shoot down the enemy generator while defending their own generator. In this specific map, each team has 3 generators corresponding to a different robot and defense system. Saws, lasers, and flame. The active robot dictates what...
  13. That Guy On The Left

    C_Infiltration A2

    -The first in my series of Campaign maps in TF2. -Designed as a one player, or potentially a cooperative, experience. With many environmental kills put in to find and use. -Map has four different outcomes depending upon how the objectives are followed. -Comes with vmf for dissection and...