Brugge B7

An MvM map set in Belgium.

  1. Boo!


    - Added a wooden board to the front barrels
    - Closed off one of the 2nd arch's doors and removed an ammo pack
    - Mission rewrites
  2. oops

    Ooops I left on the nav guide. Also touched up some more things.
  3. usihdgk

    - Minor fixes to some visuals
    - Adjusted some aspects of Funeral Toll
  4. The Big One



    - Fully artpassed map
    - Adjusted environment lighting
    - Side-building on road reworked
    - Adjusted some engineer-bot nests and added teleporters to some
    - Adjusted some ammo/health pack placements
    - Adjusted clipping on fences
    - Closed gap inbetween hatch ramping to make maneuvering easier


    - Bots run much smoother, should no longer jump into the tank dip


    - Fixed respawn times
    - Added Shotgun Heavies to Wave 1's beginning
    - Burst Shotgun Heavies damage nerf removed...
  5. The Only House That's Not On Fire (Yet)

    The Only House That's Not On Fire (Yet)


    • Fixed visualizers
    • Added lights
    • Lowered water slightly, allows for crouch jumps to work and you can still extinguish yourself in it
    • Also lowered ramp-up platform to allow crouch jumping
    • Signature
    • No bad pipes

    • Bots no longer try to jump onto the bridge's railings
    • Hopefully fixed some other knicks

    • Wave 1: Reduced SMG Sniper/Buff Soldier count from 20...
  6. One Weird Tip

    One Weird Tip


    • Widened frontline area, converted OOB stairway into a small cover point
    • Removed small ammo
    • Made all visualizers visible
    • Added side-area to road for players to use to dip into for cover
    • Added a second arch to block a long sightline and to allow for another hold
    • Side area added to arch as well
    • Hatch lowered slightly into the ground
    • River water increased in height, players can now crouch in it to extinguish
    • Ramp added cause this...