Brugge RC4B

An MvM map set in Belgium.

  1. joker's trick

    - Fixed being able to place buildings on a van
    - Updated some OOB detailing
    - Fixed some erroneous prop fades
    - Fixed mini-billboard
    - That's a lie, the billboard fixed itself. I had no say.
  2. Monoxide

    - Added a missing icon texture
    - Moved some props to match up with Boogge a bit
    - Tank clips on bridge stairs raised a bit to prevent clunky behavior
  3. Bug fixes!

    - Patched up some visible devs
    - Fixed a weird seam being created in a floor
    - Applied a ramp clipping to the stairs that bridge tanks take, so they move up smoother
  4. icons

    Packed in some more icons for Sparkbag Subroutine and Colonial Chocolate
  5. Packaging

    - Custom icons are now packed directly into the map
    - Added a credits.txt file
  6. Minor Update MK 1

    Some minor bug fixes, such as optimization, texture alignments, nodrawing, and nobuilding.

    Added Sparkbag Subroutine, an Intermediate mission created by Bot Rot
  7. Madness VS Machine Acceptance Update

    Download now includes assets accepted for Madness VS Machines. Relay txt fixed.
  8. Forgot the template file

    Forgot the template file again
  9. The "Probably Last" Update


    - Fixed an LDR-specific bug with a wall at the 2nd arch
    - Increased the delay on the bell from 5 seconds to 20 seconds
    - Added entity support for flanking robots, tag them with bot_flank in a popfile, and they'll use the other path
    - Engineers now only spawn in on the side that the bomb is going
    - Did another nodraw pass on OOB areas
    - Minor optimization updates


    - Removed two Dragon Pyros from the end of Wave 5 on Funeral Toll
  10. t

    - Removed a Giant Soldier from the end of Wave 4 on Flemish Feud
    - Supplied zip with the critical template file that I forgot about