Brugge RC4

An MvM map set in Belgium.

  1. Bug fixes!

    - Patched up some visible devs
    - Fixed a weird seam being created in a floor
    - Applied a ramp clipping to the stairs that bridge tanks take, so they move up smoother
  2. icons

    Packed in some more icons for Sparkbag Subroutine and Colonial Chocolate
  3. Packaging

    - Custom icons are now packed directly into the map
    - Added a credits.txt file
  4. Minor Update MK 1

    Some minor bug fixes, such as optimization, texture alignments, nodrawing, and nobuilding.

    Added Sparkbag Subroutine, an Intermediate mission created by Bot Rot
  5. Madness VS Machine Acceptance Update

    Download now includes assets accepted for Madness VS Machines. Relay txt fixed.
  6. Forgot the template file

    Forgot the template file again
  7. The "Probably Last" Update


    - Fixed an LDR-specific bug with a wall at the 2nd arch
    - Increased the delay on the bell from 5 seconds to 20 seconds
    - Added entity support for flanking robots, tag them with bot_flank in a popfile, and they'll use the other path
    - Engineers now only spawn in on the side that the bomb is going
    - Did another nodraw pass on OOB areas
    - Minor optimization updates


    - Removed two Dragon Pyros from the end of Wave 5 on Funeral Toll
  8. t

    - Removed a Giant Soldier from the end of Wave 4 on Flemish Feud
    - Supplied zip with the critical template file that I forgot about
  9. This is it luigi

    Hey, wow, RC1.


    - Did some light detailing on some things
    - Broke a wall at the front's alcove and added a small ammo pack
    - Added some crates and barrels
    - Added various entities to assist mission makers, which can be found in the relay document
    - Reorganized some engineer nests


    - Bots should no longer bunch up on the crate at the front, making it not a meat grinder


    - I dunno, buffed Funeral Toll and nerfed Flemish Feud

    20190619010733_1.jpg ...
  10. The Good One

    - Fixed the bridge tank path not working
    - Moved back the end of the road to make exiting spawn easier
    - Removed a fence at the bridge, as a test to open the area up
    - Fixed robots shooting in their spawn
    - Untypo'd a typo in the relay document
    - Minor detail tweaks
    - Changed Flemish Feud Wave 3 to include more soldiers
    - Removed Markt Mayhm from the download while it goes through changes