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Multi Stage Brooklynn B4

Multi-stage Attack/Defend map set in an urban environment.

Brooklynn is a Multi-Stage Attack defense in the style of Dustbowl. It is set in warehouses, parking lots, alleys, and streets.

The goal was to make a map based not on Mannhattan itself - docks in the city of New York, but on what could be in the other side of the fence, in some part of the city itself, and Brooklyn, due to its bricky and blocky nature was a perfect place to start with.

The map used Dustbowl concept (chokey corridor kind of map) at first because people like that, everybody likes it for the constant action it provides : people are constantly ubering to force their way into the defense while engineers are backing up the attack or the defense. It might be not fun for people that are fans of the recent philosophy to open up stuff to the max to provide as much cards for the players to play, but hopefully the map isn't as closed and there are flanks/others ways for people to push from.

The map tries, notably in the alleys, to focus on vertical fights, and draws inspiration from New York movies were characters were getting in alleys, buildings, grates to move, as opposition to Dustbowl were the vertical component isn't really present, so in these areas, I priviledged Scouts, Soldier or Demomen fights while in the streets, fights are more down to the ground and more open, and the couple opened buildings provide close quarter fights for Heavies, Pyros and eventually interesting points for Engineers to set nests to support attack pushes or retreat points for the defence. For the finale, I kept the concept of Dustbowl mostly untouched as it is a point that got only one way to be accessed from (the bridge), but RED's lockers being quite far it needs coordination for both teams to either push through that bridge, or keep that defense alive.

I also tried to remvoe Dustbowl's flaws : spawncamp and very little flanks. There are usually at least 2 ways, sometimes 3 to attack a point and as such if one way isn't working, there is always an alternative to be tried.

Currently, the map is pretty advanced in development : the gameplay is fully playable and the artpass is pretty accurate to give an idea of how I imagine it to be. I'm not 100% satisfied with it yet, that's why I'm considering it being B4, even though the Workshop version says RC4. I am still looking for feedback, advice, or help to make that map more enjoyable for everybody. You can either comment here, on the workshop, add me, I fine with any of these.

The map is available to play on my server : docwhoa.tf2.host but anybody can freely download it from the workshop, so when I update the map your server can be up to date.
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