MvM GD Caster2 1.2

Small scale 2-players Mann VS Machines map featuring dynamic elements.

  1. Docteur Whoa
    Small scale 2-players Mann VS Machines map set in an industrial environment (a metalworking plant) with dynamic elements.

    Looking for a new base of operation to organize their defense against the invading robots, MANN CO. settled in what seemingly was an ordinary metalwork factory, ignoring that this was in fact a Gray Gravel Co. facility. Trapped in what is now a new battlefield, MANN CO. mercenaries must prevent the robots and Gray Mann to take over the company!

    MvM GD Caster2 is a 2 players MvM Guardian map, built in parallel to the submission for the Guardian Dynamica Contest on MvM GD Caster, originally made by Jack5 and incorporating missions by PDAExpert and random guy, as a way to propose artpass builds for that submission during dev. While that version was almost ready for submission for the contest, ultimately it was decided not to use it (some features got backported into Caster instead), so I kept it as an experimental playground since I was unfamiliar with the MvM gamemode to try stuff with it. And now here it is public anyway for your enjoyment.

    You can find the original submission for the contest by Jack5 here : or Gamebanana

    Guardian is a MvM submode originally designed for the map Trust in which two players defend two control points from waves of blood-thirsty robots, with no money collection and a focus on survival. Upgrade your mercenary with earnings granted at the end of the wave.
    On Caster2, not only will you fight against robots, giants and tanks, but dynamic hazards will hinder your progress and make survival more difficult!

    Introducing map hazards!


    Toxic gas: Malfunction in the vent system liberate hazardous chemicals in the air that cover the upper floor to intoxicate players on conveyor belts.

    Molten metal: Malfunction in the heat evacuation system make molten metal rise and cover most of the bottom floor. Burns player upon contact.

    Point A Robot Forcecap: You thought B would be safe enough if you defend A? What if you can't defend A anymore! Robots take ownership of A, opening the door and forcing players to defend closer to the last point.

    Grenade Tank: Tank in this wave will carry grenade launchers and will spray explosives all around. Keep your distances.

    And more!

    NORMAL - Payout Paradise
    INTERMEDIATE - Magma Madness
    INTERMEDIATE - Molten Mass
    INTERMEDIATE - Policy Violation
    ADVANCED - Blast Pit
    ADVANCED - Breaking Meltdown
    ADVANCED - Factory Fuel

    Note: these were designed with only two players in mind. It is possible to play normal MvM (6 players) but that would ruin the purpose of the gamemode and make the missions easy, so to enjoy the true experience, play with one friend only.

    You are welcome to post any feedback (bug reports, balance concerns, suggestions, kind words...) either in a discussion or to send it to me. I'll do my best to update the map as frequently as possible based on these reports. The map is supposed to be complete, but missions may change overtime.

    Navigation mesh file included.

    Put the maps/ and scripts/ folders from the zip archive into your tf/ folder in your local files.
    Use tf_mvm_min_players_to_start 2 to set minimum players to start a game to 2 (or else it says "Waiting for players".)
    To select a mission, use the vote menu or "tf_mvm_popfile [popfile name]"

    Docteur Whoa: level building, artpass, entity and game logic fixes, balance tweaks, custom textures
    Jack5: original layout, game logic, mission programming
    PDAExpert, random guy, Andrew Xtreme: mission programming

    Assetpacks used in the map (available on
    Bullet Crop Pack
    Frontline Pack
    TF2 Emporium Vehicle Pack


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