Brick Warehouse A12

An A/D CP map that is mostly set in a Badlands/Well theme

  1. The Update that took a long time coming.

    Scouter Egg
    Hello! It is I, the Scouter Egg, and I am here to give you an update thats been delayed for too long. The A12 update is finally here!

    Redesigned Point A and B
    Added an extra spawn for Red at the beginning
    Added Bullet Blocks for the fences in between Blu spawn and C
    Added more detail around C
    Removed 3rd walkway from Blu's side Exit
    Changed the Large Ammo Box from blue spawn to a Medium Ammo Box
  2. A11 is here finally

    Scouter Egg
    Hello everyone and this is A11. I released this so late mainly because I'm lazy... anyways here are the changes.

    -Removed the Awful B to Blu spawn sightline
    -Removed the "Death Hallway"
    -Added sky light to C
    -Changed The Ramp room to the Right of A
  3. Brick Warehouse's 10th update!

    Scouter Egg
    This is the new Brick Warehouse A10 update.

    -Removed wall at the end of the "Death Hallway"
    -Added nodraw to some places
    -Added some detail to the garage
    -Added the Blu C signs back
    -Changed B to have an overhang
  4. The update before double digits

    Scouter Egg
    Hello and welcome to the new A9 update to brick warehouse!

    -Removed some walls
    -Removed some lights
    -Added more cover to C
    -Added a route to leave Death Hallway early
    -Added a building to block spawn sniping at blu's first spawn
    -Added a door for blu after point A is capped to point B
  5. it is the eighth update!

    Scouter Egg
    This is the new eighth update for brick warehouse!

    -Removed the blu courtyard
    -Removed the setup gate for red
    -Added an extra pathway to B
    -Added more cover to B
    -Added capture point markers to B and C
    -Expanded the first blu spawn room
    -Changed red spawn
    -Moved C point on the bottom floor
  6. A7 is here!

    Scouter Egg
    A7 is here with a name change. Brick building has been changed to brick warehouse for the giant building theme with crates and barrels.

    -Removed the vents from point B
    -Added more routes to point C
    -Added a quick route for Red team to point A
    -Added more signs
    -Changed Control point A and C's time to cap
    -Changed the control point when blu's forward spawn is used to B
    -Changed respawn times for blu and red team
  7. The A6 Update is finally here!

    Scouter Egg
    It is me! The Scouter Egg and I've finally updated Brick building! A6 has a lot of changes as it should cause of how long it took.

    -Removed multi stage structure
    -Removed the last stage
    -Added 3 Control points
    -Added forward spawn for blu team
    -Changed most of the fences for prop fences
    -Changed environmental lighting
    -Extended the height of outside
  8. A5 Hotfix is here!

    Scouter Egg
    This update is still A5 just with a bit more polished.

    -fixed final stage stairs needing to crouch to go up
    -added patches under health kits and ammo packs
    -added lights in final stage hallways
  9. Multi Stages are HERE!

    Scouter Egg
    Brick Building is now a multi stage CP map! unfortunately this update was rushed for the IMP today but a hotfix will come soon!

    -added multiple stages
    -moved red spawn behind first stage, second cap point.
    -made skybox bigger
  10. The Sound update!

    Scouter Egg
    Welcome to A4 A.K.A the Sound Update!

    -added soundscapes
    -added flank route to point B
    -made blu spawn have a factory theme
    -changed lighting in buildings (mostly)
    -added patches for ammo and health pickups
    -made signs have no colisions
    *Plans started for multiple stages