Multi Stage Brick Warehouse A15

A Multistage CP map with an afternoon theme

  1. Scouter Egg
    "BLU had a feeling that RED was taking some of their Spytech technology, so they decided to find out the only way they know how..."

    Brick Warehouse was a quick little map to see how good I am at making CP maps. It has evolved from 2 CP to Multistage to 3 CP back to Multistage. This map is forever changing until the gameplay and map design is on point, or as on point as it can be.


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Recent Updates

  1. Multistage is back
  2. Brick Warehouse A14
  3. Brick Warehouse A13

Recent Reviews

  1. Mathtriqueur
    Version: A11
    I like this map. sad that it isn't finished.