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  1. Ðoge

    Variety of Wall Holes 2022-07-25

    Different holes with different materials made be me without custom stuff, only build in game materials and props. Use on any of your maps, credit or don't credit me, gonna leave it for your will. May enlarge collection in the future. P.S. ignore black rocks on some screenshots, it`s a problem of...
  2. Fudge Man

    Stonebrick A1

    King of the Hill map with an intended theme of castle ruins, don't know what happened to that. Currently only dev textures.
  3. Commingle

    Eclectic Bricks Pack 1.3

    12 different brick textures for buildings with a more well maintained look than standard TF2 brick textures. The come in 4 base colours (rusty red, light orange, brown and cream white) and each has multiple variations of stripes. Every texture includes fitting normal map (what gives an illusion...
  4. Gruppy

    ctf_twist 2018-07-29

    Simple ctf map. Appropriate for 12 - 24 players. Used ABS's Mappers Resource for ctf logic.
  5. Scouter Egg

    Multi Stage Brick Warehouse A15

    "BLU had a feeling that RED was taking some of their Spytech technology, so they decided to find out the only way they know how..." Brick Warehouse was a quick little map to see how good I am at making CP maps. It has evolved from 2 CP to Multistage to 3 CP back to Multistage. This map is...
  6. MaccyF

    Brick/brickwall004_ Fix v1

    Includes: Brick/brickwall004_fix Brick/brickwall004c_fix Brick/brickwall004d_fix Brick/brickwall004e_fix which are identical to their sans _fix counterparts but with less noisy bumpmaps taken from brick/brickwall002 in an attempt to reduce the visual clutter that the original textures cause.