Midbarn A4

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Midbarn A4

Its Brye, but with ONE barn!

One day I loaded up brye to play with bots. I found out that bots don't work on arena mode that day but I decided instead to explore and got an Idea.
Scouter Egg
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Latest updates

  1. MidBarn A4 Update

    -Replaced gas tanks with little sheds -lol2
  2. MidBarn A3 update

    -Added extra buildings next to spawn buildings -Added third entrance to spawns -Added side doors in the barn to the point -Added capture signs around the point -Added more space to the map -Added cover in front of spawn rooms -Removed underground...
  3. The 20 day late 2 year anniversary!

    Today marks the day that midbarn is 2 years and 20 days old! lets celebrate with an update thats been worked on (and off) for 2 years! -Added player clips on top of the barn -Removed Bottom layer of the map -Changed barn interior to account for...

Latest reviews

should of continued this map, boi