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Update 8

  • Mid point now has stairs so no more annoying jumping anymore.
  • Railing and pallet added to nerf nesman's Huntsman.
  • Fixed broken cubemaps
  • Fixed broken areaportal
  • Smoothed displacments
  • Added nice custom textures
In update 6 it includes:
  • Garbage, a lot of it. so much so it covers that annoying sightline
  • New mid
  • some displacements
  • and a nodraw brush to cover that spot everybody got stuck on for some reason.
  • a smaller garage and a nifty pillar
  • trucks realigned
  • that's like it.
  • AAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnD!!111!11!! some more PRETTY pictures woo...
Update 5
  • Moar lights in courtyard better team colours
  • New courtyard sporting a sexy new shed.
  • displacements (ugh) added to said courtyard
  • Flipped windowed doors.
  • Major sight-line that everybody complained about is destroyed.
  • Raised the roof and doors a bit.
  • Removed those damn crates everybody would not shut up about.
  • More textures.
And now some pretty pictures:20180724225143_1.jpg 20180724225001_1.jpg 20180724224953_1.jpg 20180724224938_1.jpg 20180724224926_1.jpg 20180724224923_1.jpg 20180724224913_1.jpg 20180724224904_1.jpg 20180724224845_1.jpg
  • New area portals and better frame rates
  • New garage exit in smaller orange room.
  • Smaller orange room exit and one way exit now.
  • New spawn room.
  • White tower now moved, white tower also lost weight and is slimmer.
  • Cap now smaller courtyard areas are now lower.
  • Sniper sight line hopefully nerfed.
  • New building where tower used to be.
  • White tower soon ready to devour souls. White tower is hungry.
Thanks to all for the amazing support so far!
20180719173230_1.jpg 20180719172531_1.jpg 20180719172428_1.jpg 20180719172531_1.jpg 20180719172349_1.jpg 20180719172332_1.jpg 20180719172327_1.jpg 20180719172316_1.jpg
-- UPDATE 3 --

Gameplay Changes:

  • Made smaller cap zone and made the depression on the point less so.
  • Smaller map in total deleted large open spaces that nobody used because it only map walks to mid longer.
  • Got rid of sight lines via adding annoying brushes / props in the way and by layout changes making them super exposed.
  • Made map less dark.
  • Shortened cap time.
  • Added ramps instead of the annoying jumps to enter building no.2
  • Remade Building no.1 with a new exit and better stairs a new little ledge for doing whatever you do on them and having a second entrance to make camping the building harder.
  • Better area portals.
  • Added _a3 to title.
  • The annoying random white tower that gets in everybody way has became evil, and now it will stay in every version of the map because its taking me hostage and will take away my food and water if I don't Please please help.
  • If you made it this far into the update list please comment: "All hail the white tower."

Miscellaneous Changes:

  • Moved The white tower.
Some red textures on blu side replaced etc. Not much. Oh! More pictures!


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This time it didn't take a year. (Unless you live on a near black hole and time is warped and water ever.)20180409214237_1.jpg
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