Black Ice _a8

(Was) The worlds most simple design.

  1. Minor changes to layout and fixed some misc. Issues

    Update 8

    • Mid point now has stairs so no more annoying jumping anymore.
    • Railing and pallet added to nerf nesman's Huntsman.
    • Fixed broken cubemaps
    • Fixed broken areaportal
    • Smoothed displacments
    • Added nice custom textures
  2. some new stuff

    Thats its.
  3. Added junk.

    In update 6 it includes:
    • Garbage, a lot of it. so much so it covers that annoying sightline
    • New mid
    • some displacements
    • and a nodraw brush to cover that spot everybody got stuck on for some reason.
    • a smaller garage and a nifty pillar
    • trucks realigned
    • that's like it.
    • AAAAAnnnnnnnnnnnD!!111!11!! some more...
  4. New courtyard and minor quality of life fixes.

    Update 5
    • Moar lights in courtyard better team colours
    • New courtyard sporting a sexy new shed.
    • displacements (ugh) added to said courtyard
    • Flipped windowed doors.
    • Major sight-line that everybody complained about is destroyed.
    • Raised the roof and doors a bit.
    • Removed those damn crates everybody would not shut up...
  5. Third update! Thanks for feedback! Feel free the leave comments!

    UPDATE 4
    • New area portals and better frame rates
    • New garage exit in smaller orange room.
    • Smaller orange room exit and one way exit now....
  6. Version 3 is out. yay...

    -- UPDATE 3 --

    Gameplay Changes:

    • Made smaller cap zone and made the depression on the point less so.
    • Smaller map in total deleted large open spaces that nobody used because it only map walks to mid longer.
    • Got rid of sight lines via adding annoying brushes /...
  7. Minor Visual update

    Some red textures on blu side replaced etc. Not much. Oh! More pictures!


    1. 20180409214850_1.jpg
    2. 20180409214312_1.jpg
  8. new update... Woo... woo?

    This time it didn't take a year. (Unless you live on a near black hole and time is warped and water ever.) 20180409214237_1.jpg
  9. Nope

    I'm done.
  10. Maybe It works this time.

    This message is not needed.