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  1. Tango

    Black Ice _a8

    I made a very simple design. Copied from my first map ever. This is gonna be fun.
  2. Erk

    Moroz b1

  3. Tango

    canel _a3(RV1)

    -> Spin-off from the koth_checkpoint design <- New King of the hill map by trashcan featuring a wider mid, less height advantage better water routes and (hopefully) better games!
  4. AcidGamer

    Across Alpha 8

    cp_across is a 5cp map with trains, death pits and more
  5. Tango

    koth_checkpoint a1

    A new map from the trashcan has appeared, maybe better than Iceberg but who knows! Mid has 2 towers a control point and a water route underneath, a catwalk is above the mid with ramps to access them from. Next is a little vent than can lead to the underground water route. A wall with three...
  6. Charlie 5 Lives

    The Team Fortress 2 Suite 2017-08-07

    Hello! My name is C5L, and I wrote "The March of the Mercenaries" for the 72Hr Winter Jam earlier this year! For this year's Summer 72Hr jam, I started working on a bunch of short melodies for what I called "The Team Fortress 2 Suite". It consists of six short melodies: "Intro", "Pyroland"...
  7. Mr.JC

    Midnight Mugging 2017-08-06

    Angery scout, sniper, and engi beat the hell out of an unsuspecting spy. Why? idk couldn't think of something else
  8. MicroManiac

    Wall Rc3

    A map made for the 2017 72hr jam. Very small, and my first map that i've done in a jam. Plays horribly, but I tried.
  9. BigBthefluffyredneck

    BigB's Sniper OC 2017-08-05

    Nothing too special. I drew the cosmetics/unusuals my sniper wears in TF2. I got inspired because I recently acquired the Cool effect sniper rifle. I collect cool effect weapons and the rifle is probably my favorite. So I drew it to showcase it's beauty.
  10. ʙsi | egn

    My 72hr 2017 TF2 Jam event submission! (GMOD POSTER) 2017-08-04

    IMAGE ABOVE ^ READ BELOW Here is my steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/static_god/ All the addons I used: Map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=803735478 Models: Default TF2 Character Models, Fem Pyro (1), Fem Scout (2), Miss Pauling (3), Gibbed Medic (4): 1...
  11. Ewber Taxi

    A Very Roasted Scout 5/08/2017 10:14 AM

    Made for the 72hr contest in 2017. I made this because I got an item drop in tf2 which is the bat outta hell, and you can apply different styles. Hope it looks good! This is also my first time entering something into any contest and this website. The scout is burnt because all the roasts he...
  12. Gibus Torbjörn

    Drew my engineer loadout! 04-08-2017

    Drew my engineer loadout. I have not drawn anything in ages and I didnt have too wide selection of colored pens , but im still quite happy with the outcome, i hope you guys like it too :)
  13. ProfHappycat

    nuketown particles 2017-08-02

    a small pack of particles that are modified versions of doomsday's explosion particles includes: -nuketown_dooms_nuke_collumn - a version of dooms_nuke_collumn that has a lifetime of 11 seconds -nuketown_dooms_nuke_ring - a version of dooms_nuke_ring that has a lifetime of 11 seconds...
  14. Erk

    Coastal a3

    A mvm map made by: Erk, Vipes, & Exactol. Thanks to: The watergate prop
  15. Erk

    Mvm_estate rc1b

    credit to: Stnr for helping make this map, Fuzzymellow for textures, the Watergate team for various assets and inspiration, Diva dan for the twees, and the eventual mvm waves this will have!
  16. The Siphon

    VTF plugin for Photoshop doesn't work

    I noticed that the VTF plugin doesn't work in Photoshop CC (2017) for some odd reason. When I install the plugin and then open Photoshop it says something like this: "At least one plug-in isn't available on the system. You can find more information by selecting guide > system information"...
  17. WaveRobin

    72hr Tf2jam 2017-02-13

    I'm not sure if this spot is just for maps but eh....
  18. Jayden_

    72hr coolio scout(SFM) coolio scoot a1

    i got bored and didn't know what to make so I did this. hope it's not too bad
  19. JRatt

    The Doorman Version 3, all class

    This is my entry for the Winter 2017 72hr JAM! Inspired by the Real Fake Doors advertisement, I rushed to Blender to get cracking on this. A mixture of the classic team select doors and a typical bellhop/doorman headpiece. Mod download will be working when uploaded, but go visit the page on the...
  20. Erk

    72hr TerribleWater 2017-02-12

    Apologies in advance this thing is probably gonna catch fire if you try to use it. Also, I can't name stuff. It's a "Detail" I spent a lot of time on. Looks like pl_badwater.\ Credit to: -Me -ABS Prop display -pl_badwater and a little of pl_goldrush