Bigrock: Blazing Heat v3b

A three-wave Advanced Ironman mission

  1. SnickerPuffs
    Featuring a few custom icons this time around, which are included in the ZIP file.


    Polycount Robots

    Back in the dark ages (read: 2010), wearing a certain combination of hats and guns granted overpowering power. These bots have tapped into that terrifying ancient power, and multiplied it ten-fold.

    Tanky Scouts! Speedy Pyros! Crit-resistant Heavies!

    Oh, the Humanity!

    Giant Uber Medics

    Gray Mann's newest trick for keeping his Giants alive. While they heal slowly, they have quick-charging "blink" Ubers!

    Chief Concheror

    While this boss may be weaker and slower than any other Chief, he's no less deadly! If he hits you, he'll heal nearly a tenth of his health!
    Thankfully, his Concheror starts empty, so don't let him charge it up!


    1. mvm_bigrock_adviron_blazingheat_v3a.png