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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Oilgrave (mvm_zythe72hr_b4) b4

    Post 72hr version of https://tf2maps.net/downloads/karnak-contusion-mission-for-mvm_zythe72hr_b3.14193/ It might be expert i dunno
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Karnak Contusion (mission for mvm_zythe72hr_b3) b3

    Blast Soldier Supremacy
  3. Startacker!

    Soft Reset [mvm_zythe72hr Mission] V1A

    Advanced difficulty, low money amount per wave, 8 waves.
  4. Ultimaximus

    [MvM] Hanami - Steel Magnolia (Advanced) v1.01

    I spent about a day and a half on this Advanced mission, with help from my friend Tindall Berry. Ultimaximus (me) Tindall Berry (also she's the map author)
  5. SnickerPuffs

    Bigrock: Blazing Heat v3b

    Featuring a few custom icons this time around, which are included in the ZIP file. -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- CUSTOM ROBOTS -~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~- Polycount Robots Back in the dark ages (read: 2010), wearing a certain combination of hats and guns granted overwhelming power. These bots have...
  6. Startacker!

    Sequoia - Operation Deforestation V2

  7. Startacker!

    Metro - The Angelic Choir of Dying, Screaming Robots V3

    One wave Filename is mvm_metro_rc3_adv_choir_of_robots.pop
  8. Startacker!

    Underground Mission: Rustbelt V5?

    Uses standardized icons via Potato's MvM for Madness VS Machines, download here REQUIRES that you also install Underground's popfiles and materials, which you should regardless.
  9. Startacker!

    Doppler Mission: Research Initiative V3

    It's cool! There's robots!!! Screenshots of the waves later!!!!!!!!! Uses custom icons created by Lvl. 100 Spycrab, Snowbat, Alias, Woozlez, and Hydrogen. Located here
  10. Startacker!

    Sequoia Mission: Export Delay V3

    I wasn't planning on making an MVM mission three days ago but here we are. For Sequoia, obviously. --Installation info-- Put scripts and materials into your Team Fortress 2/tf/ folder. Download Sequoia here: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/sequoia.4131/ Uses custom icons created by Lvl. 100...
  11. Startacker!

    [MVM CAMPAIGN] Gear Jamming V6

    [MVM CAMPAIGN] Gear Jamming - Advanced difficulty missions with some new bots Icon is garbo I don't care The souls of THOUSANDS OF DISGRUNTLED DESIGNERS have taken over an army of robots! And they want to take their anger out on YOU! Unmapped Mayhem takes you to the mountains of Steep! Who...
  12. Sir_Metaladon

    Rottenburg Normal Mission (Ye Olde Robots) 2.0

    "Ye Olde Robots" is a Normal mode mission for Rottenburg, since it doesn't have one by default. It's designed to be similar in nature to Rottenburg's other 3 missions, but less difficult. This is my first ever mission, so even though I've polished it quite a bit, beware of mathmatical oddities...
  13. Sentry

    Need missions for MvM

    At the beginning sorry for my English. Hey, I'm making map for Mappers vs Machines event, and I need someone who can make for me missions. I know, it's late, but if someone have a free time, please help me. :)
  14. Billo

    packing mvm mission with vide.

    so i fixed the problem i had with the missions even if i had one other weird problem which is i packed the map with the mission just to test if it works but when i updated the map it didnt add the new things such as buildings. i thought that the cause would be the name so i changed it and...
  15. Billo

    having problems with mvm map and mission.

    the thing is that when i tried making my map mvm_snowhill and the mission mvm_snowhill_normal.pop it worked fine! but when i did mvm_snowhill_a1 so i can upload the map here after testing it it didnt work. and yes i changed the name of the mission to mvm_snowhill_a1_normal.pop but still. did i...
  16. Star Bright

    72hr [MvM] Demolition Mann a2

    While it's a little early to be posting this IMO, I would like to get an initial version of my own 72hour contribution going. So what is this? It's a completely custom Mann vs Machine mission made entirely from scratch using Notepad++! It's a 6 wave mission that takes place on mvm_bigrock. It's...
  17. M

    72hr Mannworks bossrush mission finalfix

    This is a custom MvM mission, which I made. It's tested to be enjoyable with 2 players. The mission is completely possible.
  18. FortyTwo

    MVM - Mission not loaded in my custom map

    I was a bit new to the hammer so I might me a noob but the problem that I'm having is that the game won't let me load my mvm mission that I've made for my custom mvm map. I can load my mission on any official map. My map have bsp, lin, log, vmf and vmx files. Did I miss any of it?