Berlebeck B4

An allegory for office life

  1. The Heavy Update

    • Made the map less bad
    • Slightly more health
    • No more gap in the cart
  2. Contest version!

    pl_berlebeck_b3 is my contest submission.

    • Changed payload cart model to neutral model.
    • Adjusted collisions for payload cart.
    • Adjusted spawntimes.
    • Removed two sets of resupply cabinets.
    • Increased size of grate door triggers.
    • Added balconies at mid.
    • Increased texture scale of OOB ground displacements.
    • Removed medium health around caps.
    • Added lights near health at mid.
    • Miscellaneous changes.
  3. Quick version

    • Shorted respawn times
    • Added rudimentary 3D skybox
    • Fixed dead-ends near spawns
    • Miscellaneous changes
  4. 2!

    • Reduced spawntimes
    • Reworked spawnrooms a bit
    • Made cart move slower
    • Added two small healthpacks under bridge
    • Miscellaneous changes