Barnyard RC4

My First true KOTH map

  1. Release Candidate number 4

    Sir Perry


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  2. Koth_Barnyard_RC2

    Sir Perry
    -Changed Lighting
    -Fixed bug where Point would not Cap
    -adjusted displacements
    -physics props
    -fixed collision models
    -fixed doors
    -Updated description
  3. Barnyard Release Cannadit 1

    Sir Perry
    20200314222358_1.jpg 20200314222339_1.jpg 20200314222358_1.jpg 20200314222407_1.jpg 20200314222339_1.jpg 20200314222358_1.jpg 20200314222407_1.jpg 20200314222339_1.jpg Changed Theme
    Added additional details
    new easter egg


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    6. 20200314222505_1.jpg
    7. 20200314222619_1.jpg
  4. Barnyard Beta 3

    Sir Perry
    -Added Details (pipes, edits to Skybox changed Easter Egg)
    -Changed Ramps to a platforms.
    -Moved and added Heath and Ammo packs
    -Added a dangly bucket
  5. Barnyard Beta 2

    Sir Perry
    -Displacement adjustments
    -Extra Details
    -Skybox Adjustments
    -Added Ladders as the slopes where too steep to climb
    -easter egg adjustment
  6. Barnyard Beta 1

    Sir Perry

    -Added door trims.
    -added observational towers (Tower outside playable area).
    -Added a No Build Zone, to the top of the cap's ramps to block sentury camping. ( however dispenser and teleporters can still be placed.)
    -replaced crates with walls
    -easter eggs
    -added details to finalize the map and to get it ready for its soon RC1 release.
  7. Barnyard Alpha 4

    Sir Perry
    -moved boxes under mid to prevent major sightline
    -re-clipped the roofs of sheds, because no one used them
    -added a func_nobuildzone around the top of mid, to prevent overpowered engiee spot
    -added details to the behind of Spawn ( ROCKETS!)
    -re-displaced the hills
    -added details to Red barn and Blu Plant
  8. Barnyard Alpha 3

    Sir Perry
    Patch Notes:
    -changed medpack and ammo pack locations
    -Lowered Midpoint 16 units
    -removed walls under mid
    -changed ammo pack and health pack to medium packs, under mid
    -added new building to both sides, attempting to stop long over times.
    -made hills out of bounds blocky for Alpha/ Beta version
    -removed concrete circle from under cap
    -moved a few rocks
    -sheds are now climbable!