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Barnyard RC4

My First true KOTH map

It's the last fight of the day, the Mercs' just want to get it done, and over with so they can get their pay checks, and go home.
Being centerd around a fake milk farm, and a very real corn feild, set at a late/ early evening, I personally feel like I gave this map a very unique feeling than any other I've made. Be it CSGO, or Portal 2.

Huge thanks to Toofty for hosting it on his server for me, and all the people around the TF2 Scene, such as TF2maps.net, and Creators.TF for keeping me inspired, and ultmately helping me make what is in my opinion, an alright map!
First release
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Release Candidate number 4

  2. Koth_Barnyard_RC2

    -Changed Lighting -Fixed bug where Point would not Cap -adjusted displacements -physics props -fixed collision models -fixed doors -Updated description
  3. Barnyard Release Cannadit 1

    Changed Theme Added additional details Optimizations new easter egg

Latest reviews

This was rushed into release far too early unwilling to make substantial changes despite all of the feedback. The map and especially mid is simply a box, on one hand you didn't go the prop-spam route on the other hand it's just a lot of empty space; this map has strict bands of spawn, connector, connector2, mid with the gaps between able to see from one side of the map to the other - if the sections were blended more and connector2 became part of mid (you don't need more than 1 connector) you could have an interesting map layout immediately.
Sightline are a big issue on this map, due to all of the space there are many angles across the map with the most annoying being the one under the point between main routes.
Detailing is an ok attempt, there is visual asymmetry, but the geometry from a1 hasn't been changed to better fit the style and spawns are a bit of a mess. The detailing does feel confused with red geometry with blu textures with a blu box sticking out the roof, the narrow marble staircase going through the roof, floor textures on the ceiling, the props are placed in neat sections (here's the crates, here's the planks, here's the ccomputers in the walls, here's the piles of hay, here's the cows - props seem to be placed against a wall, duplicated together then do the same for a different prop rather than spreading them out and using them in a meaningful way), windows aren't placed in a way that would make sense with a massively varying density and heights (there's a difference between plausible placement and randomly placed, everything being neat rows is not what red is about but it explains the different windows and positions through geometry), stairs being tall and steep (your stairs are 16x16 1:1, a good base stair size is 12x8 3:2), health and ammo being sparse and seperated from each other and engineers struggled to set up anywhere so they couldn't be relied on for health and ammo, and the medieval walls just because they filled a gap. Overall though a good first attempt, I like how you embrased visual asymmetry, there's the correct density of details regardless of being correct details (it's not sparse, it's not dense).

I'm just a little sad that this map did have potential to be fun but you didn't change the parts that were an issue and were mentioned every time and made some things worse like extending mid further. I just hope next time you will take on feedback and create the best map that it can be.