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  1. TheFluffycart

    Arena Fluffycart (Open) a2

    Howdy hey, making a post here for a really crappy map I made in 3 hours for the recent microcontest. As of now, it's at around an a2 with minor changes (see change log for the map at My main idea while creating it was originally a...
  2. Zeropalooba

    Brokenbarn | CP 2020-04-19

    Brokenbarn | CP: I've been working on this map for quite a while, but never got around to finishing it. With all the spare time lately I decided to get it done. Brokenbarn is an open CP map with 3 different points. One on a shipping yard, the other in a cave and the final one in a huge broken...
  3. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Damway 1.0.0

    MvM map with facility style. And wooden thing in center. Actually, most of the map covered by old tarried lake. Two buildings - old barn and new Facility Control Center - have a bridge between them, which provides way to communicate with Dam water level control center (Red base and upgrade...
  4. C

    Barn Arena (buggy) A0

    A barn themed arena map !!! This is my first map attempt so expect many bugs on the way. I hope you will enjoy it EDIT: I will update this map or make the next map without these bugs
  5. Perry

    Barnyard RC4

    It's the last fight of the day, the Mercs' just want to get it done, and over with so they can get their pay checks, and go home. Being centerd around a fake milk farm, and a very real corn feild, set at a late/ early evening, I personally feel like I gave this map a very unique feeling than any...
  6. Cindycomma

    Acreage A1

    A rotationally-symmetrical 5cp map centered around comp gameplay
  7. Flareblood

    cp_fulljosh A6B

    No demons and/or heavy metal included. Sorry.
  8. That1Yoshi

    Planks a1

    I made this in about 3 days, my own 72 hour "challenge" thing maybe, anyways enjoy this poorly lit mirrored map!
  9. mat_mot0

    koth_barn_yard_south_africa_a1 A1

    I got inspired to make this map after seeing the episode of Somebody Feed Phil on South Africa. The map is very small as it holds 24 players. I used ABS pack to make the koth logic. Tutorials to help me with the map were from UEAK Crash and ToppHatWaffle. I'm happy with the end product as my...
  10. Scouter Egg

    Midbarn A4

    One day I loaded up brye to play with bots. I found out that bots don't work on arena mode that day but I decided instead to explore and got an Idea.
  11. Da Living Bagel

    CP_Trinity A1

    This map is my latest and greatest. Designed around Team Fortress 2's original themes and playstyles, Trinity is a unique map that has a very direct flow to it. The setting is a seemingly normal Red-controlled barn which Blu must infiltrate and capture to find several options to get to the...
  12. seattlevidya

    koth_barnshed_a1 A1

    This is a VERY small KotH map. Over time I might make it bigger and just over all better. Please report any bugs or suggestions. Anybody can host my map on their server. This is my first ever published TF2 map, but I have made others before. Hope you enjoy it!
  13. MilkMaster

    koth_crossbarn 2016-07-21

    So, theres a barn... and theres 2 sides to it... and its not done... the end good night.
  14. 14bit

    72hr Broadside A3 Reupload

    A symmetrical 5CP made for the 2016 Summer 72 Hour Jam! I'll add more info later!
  15. Fb||Ninja

    koth_barnbrawl 2016-03-08

    Fight with BLU or RED while trying to CAP the point on a farm. Try dodging sawblades and don't step in the lava! First Map So Don't HATE! ;)
  16. ISPuddy

    Ceiling Fan 1.0?

    [:eek: WARNING! : THE STUPID F2P AHEAD!] do like some not spytech theme? old barn/warehouse/HOUSE?/ this model will give you the theme ------------------------------------------------------------------------ this model is from sfm but the model are only 1 skin...