artpass_aboojumsnark 2015-08-30

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artpass_aboojumsnark 2015-08-30

Entry for the Art Pass contest

It's not as polished off as I would have liked, but I did what I could in the time I had available.

Shiny glowing nuclear reactor hidden inside an old coal plant!
Pine trees contrasted with a red rock desert!
Wooden stairs that sound like wood!
Metal stairs that sound like metal!
Clever uses of existing props!
And more!

Development Video!



9/15 hustlehustle workwork. more pictures.

New pictures. So much for going fast, but here is a little of what I've done.


I figured it was time I post and start publicly documenting even though I don't have much done yet. Finally got my environment and building themes figured out, so now work should progress faster.

I'm still toying with making/editing a custom sky, and I'll be modeling the reactor pieces over time.

The building at B is by no means final, I just needed to do some material testing/choosing.
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