Traingrid B2

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Traingrid B2

Trains. Trains. MORE Trains.


Inspired by koth_grid and train maps everywhere (though I was playing ctf_revamp when the idea struck)

One look at the screenshot is all you should need to grasp the severity of the havoc contained within.

No, you may not have or use the sandwich car. I may however release the easily re-skined train car model and the GRN skin along with a "blank" skin for editing.

The field journal of Professor Boojum during his perilous trip into the entity realm.


Beta 2:
Added holographic arrows to warn of/indicate active tracks.
Added anti-spawncamp defense turret to home squares.
Added custom boxcar skins along with sandvichplosion.
Added chalkboard drawings to explain train patterns.
Added spectator camera.
Added a train-schedule-esque kill tracker for the trains.
Added nobuild to center four squares.
Removed playerclip in roof hole, slightly more jumping room now.
The third super-crazy pattern now runs through 2 cycles instead of 7.
Remembered to prevent the waiting trains from being rendered at all times.
Made the CP orbit the center crossing instead of lying on it. Please do not antagonize the baby trains.
Reduced capture time from 10 seconds to 9. (@ x1 rate)
Changed full ammo boxes to medium.
Lowered all spawn waves by 1 second.
Players who ride the trains into a wall will now die rather than getting stuck.
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