Egg War

Egg War B2

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Egg War B2

Become rabbit-sized and steal some eggs.

Egg model made by Aly, skins by me.

There is a nest of eggs hidden underground, but you are too big to fit in the tunnels... so you'll have to jump through a shrinking vortex.

Features a custom hud for score tracking!

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Beta 2

Added custom HUD to track egg capture counts.
Added some various announcer cues to make it less empty feeling.
Removed score deficit gates.
Added a random gate system to the tunnels.
- 16 gates total.
- Every 15 seconds, 3 gates per side are chosen to close.
- Certain pairs of gates can't close at the same time.
Added crappy 3D skybox so the cliff isn't as weird.
Detailed a few areas.
Round timer reduced to 5 minutes (from 8).
Fixed shrink bonus being given by the enemy capture zone.
Fixed under-the-ground spots (hopefully).
A Boojum Snark
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