Moonballs A3

Balls are fun.

  1. A Boojum Snark
    This map will be set on some moon on which the moonballs have been discovered and RED and BLU are now fighting over them.

    The theme will be some unusual and unexpected derivative of existing content and a handful of minor custom things.

    In the later versions moonballs will be extremely reflective.


    === Alpha 3 ===
    Restructured the outer zones and some of the main arena.

    === Alpha 2 ===
    Added respawnroom+visualizer <.<
    Lowered cap time a little.

    === Alpha 1 ===
    Debut, hooray.


    1. koth_moonballs_a30004.jpg
    2. koth_moonballs_a30005.jpg
    3. koth_moonballs_a30006.jpg