Armory B3

Competitive KOTH map (6v6, 7v7, or 9v9) set between two military warehouses

  1. B3

    kevin gator
    Took a lot of time on this update.
    • Continued artpass process
    • Made minor changes to map geometry such as new doorway arches
    • Restricted player access to an unnecessary area outside of spawn
    • Replaced ground outside of spawn with displacement grass
    • Fixed some incorrect textures
    • Added env_cubemap entities
    I realize that there are many aesthetically unfinished parts of this map, namely the out-of-play areas to the sides. Work on those areas will come in future...
  2. B2

    kevin gator
    Continued artpass process, this time mainly focusing on roof detailing
    • Added support beams on interiors of warehouses
    • Changed some textures
    • Replaced planes outside of spawn with building
    • Made more smoothing clip brushes
    Still have a lot to do, I plan on leaving the skybox for later, as well as complex lighting, soundscapes, HDR support, more detailing, etc.


    1. koth_armory_b20000.jpg
    2. koth_armory_b20001.jpg
    3. koth_armory_b20002.jpg
    4. koth_armory_b20003.jpg
  3. B1

    kevin gator
    Made a complete but minimal artpass, removing all dev textures. Made a few other minor changes as well:
    • Repositioned resupply lockers in spawn
    • Slightly re-oriented wall in either warehouse
    • Added props under stairs in skylight building, playerclipped the entire area underneath stairs
    • Changed lighting in many areas
    • Made other small fixes and tweaks that I probably am forgetting


    1. koth_armory_b10000.jpg
    2. koth_armory_b10001.jpg
    3. koth_armory_b10002.jpg
    4. koth_armory_b10003.jpg
    5. koth_armory_b10004.jpg
    6. koth_armory_b10005.jpg
    7. koth_armory_b10006.jpg
    8. koth_armory_b10007.jpg
    9. koth_armory_b10008.jpg
  4. A4

    kevin gator
    • Made changes to cover on battlements
    • Changed the way skylights look
    • Removed a row of lights in warehouses
    • Removed nobuild region from shipping containers around mid
    • Added a new wall inside the warehouses
    • Added more clipping to smooth out movement
    • Moved medium health packs from warehouse into a side room


    1. koth_armory_a40000.jpg
    2. koth_armory_a40001.jpg
    3. koth_armory_a40002.jpg
    4. koth_armory_a40003.jpg
    5. koth_armory_a40004.jpg
  5. A3

    kevin gator
    • Added some smoothing clips to make movement smoother
    • Removed a prop used to block a sightline, added shutter doors instead
    • Redesigned a side room that seem underused
  6. Fixed a dumb mistake

    kevin gator
    Triggers were not compiled previously, this is the same as A2 otherwise
  7. Maybe this will fix it

    kevin gator
    Changed file type. Otherwise, no changes from A2
  8. A2

    kevin gator
    • Fixed several incorrect textures
    • Added blockbullets2 to all stairs
    • Made doors way bigger around the point
    • Blocked a sniper sightline across the point
    • Increased cap time to 18 seconds
    • Removed HDR support (I'll add back later on)
    • Removed clutter on one side of the point and added a ramp
    • Added gameplay signs (i.e. Battlements, Resupply)
    • Added a small health pack and medium ammo pack, moved a medium health pack that was hard to see
  9. Clip fixes

    kevin gator
    Fixed a box prop with no collision and placed a blockbullets brush over crates