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  1. d3adfin

    Flash Flood A1a

    i am fucking delirious i spent like an hour trying to figure out how to compile this properly flash flood is a ctf map designed for 6v6/7v7 play and focused around giving attackers an advantage to make matches flow that much faster custom security fence sections by rexy + base fence model by valve
  2. kevin gator

    Armory B5A

    I am no longer updating this map, but feel free to download it.
  3. JustYourEventualRuler

    Cp_Silo A10c

    This has been a map designed specifically for competitive TF2. Feedback on issues and map improvements would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to collaborate with anyone with experience on this type of map making, and will try to cooperate with anyone if time allows it. Major Supporters...