Armory B5A

KOTH map set between two military warehouses

  1. B3

    kevin gator
    Took a lot of time on this update.
    • Continued artpass process
    • Made minor changes to map geometry such as new doorway arches
    • Restricted player access to an unnecessary area outside of spawn
    • Replaced ground outside of spawn with displacement grass
    • Fixed some incorrect textures
    • Added env_cubemap entities
    I realize that there are many aesthetically unfinished parts of this map, namely the out-of-play areas to the sides. Work on those areas will come in future updates. I also will eventually add HDR support and sound.


    1. koth_armory_b30000.jpg
    2. koth_armory_b30001.jpg
    3. koth_armory_b30002.jpg
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